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Posted On May 07, 2024

15 Rehabilitation Centre In India that provide mental Wellness

Rehabilitation is the action of restoring someone to health or normal life through training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction or illness. The broader definition of a rehabilitation centre can include...

Posted On January 31, 2024

Beyond Frames: 20 Types of Windows That Redefine Spaces

In the realm of architecture, types of windows conjure a fascinating array of choices, each influencing the character and functionality of a space. From classic double-hung windows to innovative designs...

Posted On January 25, 2024

Indian Flooring Tiles: 10 Solutions Retaining Vernacular Interiors

Ancient Indian flooring recalls a patch of ground decorated with coloured decorative sand made of rice flower or flower petals. To date we call it ‘rangoli’, which represents the simplest...

Posted On January 13, 2024

Meditation Space: The Language of Silence

Transforming your meditation space into a sanctuary of tranquillity is an art. It is a deliberate curation of spaces that resonate with calm and peace. Imagine dedicating a corner or...

  • Posted On December 25, 2023

    Transforming Spaces: 15 Painting Techniques for Walls to Inspire

    Embarking on a journey into the realm of interior design, our focus turns to the transformative realm of painting techniques for walls. In this exploration, we delve beyond traditional colour...

    Posted On December 18, 2023

    30 Types of Roofs and Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Aesthetic

    India showcases an impressive diversity in types of roofs, each embodying a distinct cultural heritage and architectural style. From the grandeur of Mughal-inspired domes to the South’s sloping tiled roofs,...

    Posted On December 17, 2023

    Is a Pavilion or Gazebo Better for My Backyard?

    Whether a Pavilion or Gazebo, they are outdoor structures with distinct designs and functionalities. Pavilions have a solid roof and are suitable for larger gatherings, events, or living spaces. Gazebos...

    Posted On November 30, 2023

    15 Unique Types of Pool Designs Redefining Luxury and Leisure

    Explore diverse types of pool designs by considering materials, budget constraints, and the plot size to make an informed decision. At the same time, it ensures a customised fit for...

    Posted On November 10, 2023

    50 Plunge Worthy Swimming Pool Design Inspirations You Need

    Swimming Pool Design may not be for everyone, but it is something everyone dreams of. Imagine plunging yourself into the cool blue waters after a long day. Designing a swimming...

    Posted On November 06, 2023

    Industrial Style Interior Design: 20 Features That Are Timeless

    Industrial Style Interior Design is a minimalistic design style a designer adapts to amplify the space. This design style combines all the architectural elements in their natural forms to give...

    Posted On August 09, 2023

    Blending Modern Amenities with the Comfort and Familiarity of Luxurious Living | The Mark Decor

    Excited isn’t the word to describe the feeling we have to finally share our latest project – The Club House at Flora Fountain! Blending modern amenities with the comfort and...

    Posted On June 29, 2023

    The Wellness Center Focuses On Therapeutic, Aesthetic, Philosophical And Ecological Wellbeing Of Oneself | Shanmugam Associates

    In the words of its founders, Raga Svara – the wellness centre focuses on therapeutic, aesthetic, philosophical and ecological wellbeing of oneself in conjunction with the surroundings. Raga’s logo “Pause”...

    Posted On August 24, 2022

    Experience Luxurious Healing at this Ayurveda Clinic in Ahmedabad | VH Design Studio

    An interior for an Ayurveda clinic is planned with very minute care for detailing and also with the philosophy to drench the patient with ethnic ambiance. Once he/she enters the...

    Posted On May 19, 2022

    Wellness Center that Embraces Warmth & Minimalism | HundredDesigns

    The arched metal door opens into the waiting area of this wellness center, while sitting in waiting area one is visually carried to another arched door that leads to the...