15 Unique Types of Pool Designs Redefining Luxury and Leisure

Explore diverse types of pool designs by considering materials, budget constraints, and the plot size to make an informed decision. At the same time, it ensures a customised fit for your preferences and constraints. Every home needs a place for relaxation and sharing some laughs. An outdoor patio, backyard, or balcony acts as the heart of the home. Artistic features like pools or hot tubs enhance the landscape and its beauty.

Types of Pool Designs require careful consideration of the functionality and aesthetics reflecting the lifestyle and well-being of the person. Think about your requirements, what you seek, and the effort, money, and time you are willing to commit as you examine the next 15 prospects for unique types of pools that redefine luxury and leisure.

Indoor Pools

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Indoor pools are those located inside a walled, roof-sealed facility on a manor or any property. Although there are some organic forms available, most indoor pools have a geometric appearance. It would be ideal in areas with long, cold seasons but unsuitable in areas with hot and cold fluctuations.

Above Ground Pool

Types of Pool
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One of the least expensive pool styles available today is the above-ground variety, which is outstanding for people looking for a suitable pool with a limited budget. Even though it might not appear as pleasant as the other types, above-ground pools are usually made to look more like in-ground pools with the addition of raised decking to the pool’s edge.

In-Ground Pool

Types of Pool
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Inground pools built below ground level contribute long-term durability, aesthetics, and customization, seamlessly integrating into the landscape. In-ground pools are permanent and long-term possibilities available in three options: concrete, fibreglass, and vinyl liner.

  • Concrete Pools: Concrete pools are constructed with a framework adapted to fit any aesthetic preferences. One needs to spend more money on chemicals and cleaning supplies as the material is porous and prone to the growth of algae.
  • Fibreglass pools: A fibreglass pool has a smoother surface than a concrete pool, which reduces algae growth and calls for fewer chemicals over the pool’s lifetime. These prefabricated shell pools fall into a pre-drilled hole. They are renowned for their minimal maintenance and durability.
  • Vinyl Liner Pools: These pools have a flexible vinyl lining on their interiors. Apart from its flexibility, the material’s resistance to algae development will save you money on pesticides and filters. Because of its tearing proneness, the liner needs replacing every 7–15 years, increasing the long-term maintenance cost.

Infinity Pools

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Infinity pools, often called vanishing edge pools, are the most expensive and charming sort of pool. A pool with an infinity edge has one or more edges below the surface of the pool or that are level with it. The pool appears to disappear over the edge due to the “missing” side. Infinity pools usually offer scenic views of forests or metropolitan skylines.

Lap Pools

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As one of the most practical pool types, lap pools are best for workouts rather than recreation. Most lap pools are long, narrow rectangles that are at least 50 feet long. Although people frequently swim for exercise, it is also available for casual or recreational purposes. Lap pools are among the few types of pools that can be visually enriched by utilising the design of the surrounding deck and landscape area, despite their simple shape.

Plunge Pool

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It is believed that the cold water in plunge pools has therapeutic properties for people who want to cool off and heal more quickly after a vigorous workout or sauna session. On the other hand, plunge pools are perfect for a cool dip on hot days. Plunge pools are a popular option for homes with small yards due to their compact size and ability to be coupled with any in-ground pool.

Salt Water Pool

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The use of salt can replace chlorine as a sanitizer for pools. In contrast to their chlorine-filled competitors, saltwater pools use a generator that produces chlorine by adding salt to the pool instead of actual liquid chlorine. Using a saltwater pool protects skin and eyes from irritation and reduces chlorine odour. Furthermore, the annual cost of saltwater pools is lower than that of chlorine pools.

Spool Pool

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If you’ve ever desired a combined pool and spa, the answer is a spool pool. Spool pools are more for relaxing or to soak up some water massage than for playing or swimming. The majority of spool pools come with warm lighting and spa jets, either inside the pool or along the deck, to simulate a spa massage. The design has the beauty of a natural-material pool deck or strategically placed plants.

Zero Entry Pool

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This type of pool, often called a beach entry pool, has an entry area that slopes from the pool deck to the pool floor using steps. The pool’s gentle slope entry gets deeper as you go deeper into it, much like the sand slope on a beach near the ocean. In combination with beach-themed landscaping, zero-entry swimming pools look fantastic, even though they are less popular than other pool designs.

Natural Pool

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A natural pool uses plants to filter the water, so it’s a good option if you want to avoid chemicals. Natural swimming pools require a regeneration pool, which includes water, pebbles, aquatic plants like duckweed and water primroses, and pumps to force the clean, regenerated water into the pool. Building an environmentally friendly choice takes a lot of land, but since you won’t need to buy chemicals, the long-term expenditures can be lower.

Spa and Hot Tub

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Although the terms are commonly used synonymously, a hot tub is an above-ground variation of an above-ground pool, and a spa is a small, heated in-ground pool. Hot tubs are movable because they are not integrated into the environment, but they might be unsightly in your backyard and challenging to blend in with the surrounding plants.

Architectural Pool

Types of Pool
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For a unified design, an architectural pool needs to have structure, distinct lines, and frequently mirror the shape of the home using the same materials. Typically, an architectural pool is elegant and geometric. When a house is custom-built, the pool is typically constructed concurrently with the house, taking into account the lot’s size, layout, and relationship to the house.

Solarium Swimming Pool

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The idea of the design combines an indoor pool with a solarium or greenhouse to create a light and pleasant swimming and relaxing area. Light can flow through a glass enclosure while allowing less harmful light and rain to enter. In other words, if you can’t decide between an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, this is the ideal combination.

Thermal Swimming Pool

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Due to the naturally heated water, these pools have potential healing and relaxing effects. Designed in a sleek, contemporary style, the indoor pool lets us focus on the breathtaking scenery that stretches out in all directions, while the geothermal-heated pool provides the perfect place for relaxation.

Automated Systems Pool

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The purpose of automated pool systems is to improve the efficiency and convenience of pool maintenance and operation. These systems employ technology to regulate temperature, chemical equilibrium, cleaning, flow of water, purification, and other aspects of pool maintenance.

Find out what the main goal of the types of pool design is. Is it for leisure, physical activity, winding down, or all three? Thus, the purpose influences the unique types of pools. Aspects such as illumination, jets, fountains, and waterfalls enhance the look and feel of your pool. Consider the pool’s colours, finishes, and tile work to go with the style and blend in with the house and yard. Choose types of pool design that are colourful like glass bead aggregate or pebbles to give your pool a distinct and unique look. Engaging with a qualified pool designer helps one realise the aesthetic while maintaining the pool’s safety and functionality.

Content writing and research by Ar. Priyanshi Shah

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