• The Wellness Center Focuses On Therapeutic, Aesthetic, Philosophical And Ecological Wellbeing Of Oneself | Shanmugam Associates

    In the words of its founders, Raga Svara – the wellness centre focuses on therapeutic, aesthetic, philosophical and ecological wellbeing of oneself in conjunction with the surroundings. Raga’s logo “Pause” indicates all those who enter this green haven to consciously pause in time, reflect, listen to the body in synergy with nature and get rejuvenated in an educational way. With such a clear vision for Raga, the onus on the architects was to make minimal interventions in the existing landscape and have nature takes precedence.

    The Wellness Center Focuses On Therapeutic, Aesthetic, Philosophical And Ecological Wellbeing Of Oneself | Shanmugam Associates

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    The linearity of the site, old trees with huge canopies, agricultural land, location adjacent to RajkotBhavnagar highway and natural site terrain were primary factors that steered the architects to take a biophilic approach to design. Zoning was done with relevance to huge banyan and peepal trees at site.

    Architectural language was delineated by exploring basic aspects of roof, wall and floors. Floors interweaved inside and outside with landscape; walls with maximum transparency to enjoy lush vegetation; and roof being simple, horizontal exposed concrete slabs.

    The reception at the entry welcomes with a landscape extending to the roof, inviting one to take a walk and have a glimpse of the entire property. The entire roof is hidden with hanging curtain creepers which is literally a green curtain while entering the lobby, hoping to set the initial tone.

    Gigantic trees encapsulate the restaurant, library and pool by defining a space of congregation. The library has been located right under the banyan (Ficus benghalensis) that is eponymous to learning. 

    Inspiration from stepped wells of Gujarat and requirement of sufficient shaded areas, aided in evolving the swimming pool area that has symmetrically punctured ceiling and granite steps.

    Chamfered and cut roof slabs of the yoga centre was planned around existing mango trees (Mangifera Indica) offering space for reflection.

    Heart of Raga Svara, the treatment rooms have been tucked in at the property’s rear end to provide seclusion.

    An entry foyer and boutique with manila tamarind (Pithecellobium dulce) offering canopy, ravishing landscape filled restrooms and floating roofs allowing natural light to seep into large sized therapy rooms welcome Raga’s patrons.

    The luxurious 20-key Raga residences, were built around a community garden and circumambulatory bridge, that frames a vista of the western sun behind Moringa cultivation. Cottages have their own private garden with pool and are tucked in behind the zen gardens. All restrooms are naturally ventilated with large private gardens.

    An asymmetrical mandala pattern, that was created as a central aesthetic branding identity, is subtly blended in the look book, signage, exposed concrete ceiling patterns, wall murals and flooring.

    Sourcing local material and executional challenges were integral part of construction for Raga that went through three pandemic waves. A rustic mood board created around four Indian Ragas, regionally sourced natural stones and customized furniture made from solid teak and rattan are characteristics of Raga’s interior design. 

    Meandering pathways amidst lush landscapes, delicious Gujarati cuisine with emphasis on wellbeing, blur between the built and green spaces, plethora of quiet corners to ruminate and customized meaningful retreats are some of the offerings by Raga Svara. Treading carefully with the landscape and existing bio-diversity of a 25-acre farm, the entire team worked in tandem to create Raga Svara that is best experienced than read.

    Fact File

    Designed by : Shanmugam Associates

    Project Type : Wellness Center

    Project Name : Raga Svara

    Location : Rajkot, Gujarat

    Year Built : 2022

    Project Size : 75,000 Sq.ft

    Principal Architects : Santhosh Shanmugam, Raja Krishnan D, Ramya Raman

    Team Design Credits : Krishnah Priya, Ajith Kumar, Roshni Roy

    Photograph Courtesy : Vinay Panjwani    

    Landscape Architects : Sandip Patil & Tapan Modi

    Collaborators : Siddharth Kaneria & Art Collaborative

    Clients : Denish Patel, Mohit Patel & Nirav Talaviya

    Firm’s Website Link : Shanmugam Associates

    Firm’s Instagram Link : Shanmugam Associates

    Firm’s Facebook Link : Shanmugam Associates

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