Boutique Store by EIDPL is Crafted and Personalized for Lawrence and Mayo

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Boutique Store by EIDPL is crafted and personalized for Lawrence and Mayo

Excellent Interior Designers Private Limited, also known as ‘EIDPL’, is an Interior Design Firm specializing in comprehensive detailing and space planning. This boutique store by EIDPL is crafted and personalized for the special clientele of Lawrence and Mayo, a familiar name in India’s optical industry since 1877.


A gathering of inspiration, the design reflects a blend of luxury and showcasing of products, as its concept. The choice of material restates the feeling of a premium environment. Classical-style furniture, tables with turned legs, bronze mirror, and a selection of exclusive veneers, all come together in creating an exceptional environment to showcase the premium offering of Lawrence & Mayo.

Design and photography: Excellent Interior Designers Pvt. Ltd.






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