Kush Shuffleboard Tables proudly feature finest sculptural design collection

Kush Shuffleboard Tables proudly feature our finest sculptural design collection of handmade shuffleboard tables built in Chattanooga, TN. All Kush Shuffleboard Tables are handcrafted and designed around regulation shuffleboard specifications and built to provide years of play and entertainment. We are the only shuffleboard company in the world that offers playing fields true to size. Every Kush Shuffleboard Table includes climatic adjusters and 90 degree edges along the rails to ensure the highest quality playing experience with every shot.



Focus On Design:
Each design of Kush Shuffleboard is created to accentuate your space based on your different design styles. We offer a range of styles from architectural and bridge styles to the craftsman era. We also develop creative solutions for design firms, hotels, restaurants, bars, and homes where we create custom designs that are specific to your brand or home that no one has ever seen before.

Our Craftsmen:
All of our craftsmen are highly skilled in their field. Every Kush Shuffleboard Table is inspected by our trained quality control team prior to delivery. Every model we offer is handmade in Chattanooga, TN and can be shipped to any and all of your locations.

20% Autumn Sale:
We are currently offering a 20% Autumn Sale on all shuffleboards.

Shuffleboard, The Family Game Table!
Find out how customize your Kush Shuffleboard Table Today!

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