• The 5 Dirtiest Spots in a Home

    If you want your home to look squeaky clean, then you can’t ignore certain spots. We agree cleaning is a lot of work, and sometimes you just don’t have the time to do it thoroughly. But considering your health and that of your loved ones, you may want to put in some extra effort.

    There are certain spots you should at least pay more attention to. And in this article, we would be outlining some of them. After knowing where to clean, all you’ll need now is the best natural cleaning products.


    Your kitchen is usually a go-to place whenever you step into your home. Sometimes, you just want to get yourself a glass of water after a hard day’s work. Other times, you make your way there for a proper hand wash to rid yourself of any viruses. Either way, your regular use of your kitchen makes it more likely to be dirty.

    However, some items in your kitchen like your sink, sponges, and coffee maker, amongst others, seem to gather more dirt. If you prefer to pile up your dishes for some time before cleaning, then your sink and sponge can easily become a good spot for germs. 

    Also, when was the last time you flushed your sink drain? Or took a few minutes to clean your coffee maker before brewing yourself that creamy cup? Or even cleaned your countertop before putting your groceries on it?

    To keep your kitchen clean, try flushing your kitchen sink weekly with hot water and bleach. Clean your countertops every night and frequently during the day. If you’re having particular problems in your kitchen, contact an expert immediately.


    Although your bathroom is where you go to keep your body clean, it can quickly get dirty. For one, you touch your bathroom door handles and faucets with unclean hands most of the time. If not you, then your visitors do. What about your toothbrush? It is prone to harboring microorganisms not only from the mouth but also in the air.

    Not to mention your showerhead and bath mat. Your bath mat soaks water each time you step out of your shower. Hence, making it a breeding spot for germs. And your showerhead can get blocked with soap scum or build-up of minerals from your water, especially if you use hard water. 

    Because your bathroom is primarily moist, bacteria find it the ideal spot to increase. Hence you should have regular and thorough cleaning sections in your bathroom and change your toothbrush regularly, preferably every three months.

    Pet Bowls and Toys

    After a playful day outside, your pet tends to drag dirt into your home all the time. It’s not enough to clean your pet’s bed, bowl, or toy once in a while. Rather, it should be a regular practice. Making sure your pet and its accessories are clean doesn’t just keep your pet healthy because it ensures the neatness of your home as well. You wouldn’t want your pet spreading dirt all over the house. Would you?

    Therefore, make it a routine to wash your pet bowls daily with detergents and warm water as well as their toys. Change their blankets weekly and bathe them daily if you can. 

    Home Office

    If you have a home office, you should probably pay more attention to the items you use there. Chances are, you spend most of your 24 hours there. Hence it is advisable to keep the place clean. Items like your keyboard, pens, laptops accumulate dirt due to its regular use.

    We recommend you wipe these items clean whenever you are done using them. And set out days when you do a clean-up in your home office.

    Living Room 

    Several items in your living room can accumulate dirt from the doormat right in front of the door to your coach or even your remote control. So, like your bathroom, home office, or kitchen, don’t overlook your living room. Besides, it’s the first place your visitors come into contact with. And you never know what organisms they are bringing into your home.

    Change your sofa covers frequently, take your carpet to the cleaners if you have to, wipe your surfaces clean, and don’t forget to remove your shoes before walking in. 

    Final Take

    We understand that keeping your home clean is not an easy task. However, it is necessary and essential for your health. Of course, it’s utterly impossible to keep your home germ-free, but with these few pointers, you can keep the number of germs in your home down.\

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