Apartment Interiors with Vintage Touch And Laced With a Lot of Ornamentation | Artika Interior Designers 

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Apartment Interiors with Vintage Touch And Laced With a Lot of Ornamentation | Artika Interior Designers 

Project Description

This 3BHK Apartment interiors is located on the buzzing street of Sinhagad road, has a modern design theme juxtaposed with a touch of Vintage and has been laced with a lot of ornamentation. Extensive use of natural stones throughout the house with a warm and neutral colour scheme brings the interior of the house to life.

Entrance, Living and Dining area– The interior is spacious and open with a good use of visually connecting partitions to create a sense of security and privacy. The entrance area was a huge space that was later designed and divided into two parts- one the entrance lobby and other the dining area.

Hence one enters into a defined walkway that leads to a small lobby with a partition in a combination of metal and wood on one side and natural stone ‘Tandur’ cladding on the other side.

The deliberate extension of the living into the dining area makes this common space more interesting by retaining their own respective character.

While the living area is all contemporary with plush sofa and high wing vintage chairs against warm taupe walls, the dining area boasts in its rustic look with flooring and wall finished in natural grey stone called ‘Tandur’ and wooden ribs hanging from its double height ceiling.

A big wooden service widow in natural stone clad wall connects with the kitchen. The living area has a ceiling touch partition with a beautiful ceramic collection on display while giving privacy to the breakfast counter on the other side.

The Mandir is partly covered from the living side using a ribs structure which blends with the overall contemporary design. However the traditional look and appeal of the mandir has been achieved using another natural stone ‘Yellow Kota’ with beautiful engravings of lotuses as a backdrop.

Kitchen – Kitchen is simple in two tones of beige. The servo drive overhead cabinets, built in unit and the cabinets beneath the platform have been designed to serve with ease and comfort for the elderly client. Use of composite quartz on the wall as well as on the platform makes the kitchen look seamless and blends with the overall colour scheme.

Master Bedroom – All the bedrooms have their own distinct characteristics to display. The master bedroom is all grey with a harmoniously complimenting blue touch.  The natural stone ‘Basalt’ with its unique texture spans throughout the length of the bed wall serving as an amazing monochrome backdrop with a Grey cushion headboard in the center.

The stone detail continues on the opposite side of the study unit as well. The semi matt duco finish on the furniture pieces resonates a contrast to the natural rough texture of the stone.

The little detailing of warm teak veneer breaks the grey monotony just enough while blending well with the real wood planks on the floor. The tall Vintage wing chair- footrest combo in Indigo blue and a 3 piece black and white steam engine wall frame adorns the bedroom with a unique character.

Bedroom 2 -The second bedroom is classic yet modern. This white space is different than the rest of the house, with a calming mood for the ‘young at heart’ lady who is to occupy the bedroom. Though the room is all white, the gorgeous brick cladding opposite the bed with some thin slate ledges to hold the greens add the texture with an oomph effect.

A pair of a white console with an untreated teakwood mirror above, has been custom made to form a distinctive impression. The wardrobe is modern with its ceiling touch glass shutters and has sensor lighting inside. The classic looking white bed and side tables with vintage mint knobs were custom crafted to blend with the concept.

Last but certainly not the least the low and cozy window seating with a beautiful view of the sunset makes the corner of the room irresistible.

Bedroom 3 – The third room was turned into a TV cum family room. Minimalistic yet relaxing room was the thought while designing this small and cozy room. Ocean green and blue colour spreads throughout the room to give a soothing effect. A huge L-shaped sofa in grey and an abstract printed lounge chair faces the simple TV panel with diffused lighting finished in ocean blue textured wallpaper.

The focal point in this room is the wall behind the sofa which has a display of various mirrors in different shapes, sizes and finishes.

The mirror ornamentation on the wall not just makes the otherwise relatively small room look bigger but also adds to the grace of the space.

Fact File

Firm’s Name :Artika Interior Designers and Consultants

Project Category:  3BHK residential project, Sinhagad Road, Pune

Area in Sq.ft.: 1350 Sq.ft.

Principal Interior Designer : Neha Godbole

Photo Credit : Fuego Photography

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