Apartment Interiors – Quintessential Design Approach | Formidea interiors

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Apartment Interiors – Quintessential Design Approach | Formidea interiors

Formidea interiors Designs by principal designer Dhanad Naik believes in giving a quintessential design approach. This vapi based residence of 2800sq. ft is designed by understanding the client’s requirement for uniquely crafted design in defined budget, meticulously function and aesthetics.

The main door is designed to focus on door handles. This brass ringed door handles are uniquely designed from local brass pot works and is fused with wood at the center to give customized door handles representing local craft and Magnificient approach towards a better design.

Also, there is a cove-like pocket at the top of shoe rack for artificial/natural plants or climbers. Safety main door is curated in an organic pattern whereas the main door consists of lines in a most simplified manner.

While entering the residence, there is a little lower false ceiling in entrance foyer with separate materials to exemplify the importance of living hall by keeping the false ceiling of the living hall a little raised.

While in the living room there is mid-century modern sofa fused with a contemporary touch in beige color and contrasted with wooden frame. It is complemented with beige curtains finely drafted in palmet in full window behind the sofa. On the other wall Plaster of Paris is used for grooves to give the living hall a more classical look. In living hall white flooring and false ceiling draws the attention towards the primary interior elements and furniture pieces. Art adds glory to the inner ambiance and makes space livelier.

On the other side, there are boxes designed from alabaster sheets positioned in between vertical planks to give dinning a physical barrier and visual connection with the living hall as well as the entrance of the residence. T.V. unit is designed from grey William Italian marble as a backdrop and white laminate in the drawers below the unit. In the dining area, there is a finely curated 6 seater dining table with the pendant style light customized from FRP sheets.

White Kitchen with parallel platform brings more light and energy in the area. White is used to creating a calm aura in the place of (fire) cooking and services and is contrasted with lighter shades of green. In the kitchen, the glossy lamination coating are to reflect more light and create a visually large space. Grey tiles are used on the main wall of the kitchen for easy maintenance and cleaning.

In mandir, each surface is treated with different materials. On one side brass is used to negate the vibes as per vastu because of the placement of toilet on the other side of the wall. In highlighter, there are Korean sheet’s plates crafted in jaali to give an ethical and religious touch to mandir. Smaller tiles in the flooring are used to embark the importance of space in the mandir.

In bedroom 1, there is minimalism in design and colors both. Designer intentionally kept the whole bedroom white to highlight the bed back wall. This wall is designed from MDF strips and is polished to enhance the original color. Wardrobe with white self handles is designed to merge the interior of this room. Even the bathroom is designed with the same color theme of beige and whites and lighter shades of brown as seen in the bedroom interiors.

In bedroom 2, the interior is contrasted by dark and lighter shades of white, black and brown. Here, the headboard is elongated on both the sides of bed a little longer than the end of side tables. This headboard comprises of back painted glass with glossy effect and brownish grey. Bed back wall behind the headboard is of the faux sheet with brick patterns and in white. It created the drama without nuisance in the space. Black hanging lamp and black wall art balance the wall with visual symmetry in the frame. Side tables crafted in metal frames with hanging effect gives a room a little extra space and make a visually larger space. Curtain here balances the shades of light and dark both. Vertical lines used in the furniture makes a room appear taller than the actual height. Even in this bedroom, the color theme remains the same for the bathroom by minor alteration in the interior style of the room.



In bedroom 3, the interior is contrasted a bit from the rest of the interior of a residence. Here, the wooden flooring is contrasted by a lighter ceiling. Here interior makes a bold and heavier space by the use of Italian marble in bed back wall which is getting lit from the cushioned leather headrest. In this room, an entry passage is defined by a colored false ceiling above the passage. The seating here is kept parallel to this with wall arts in the backdrop to give a view on both the sides of the bedroom.


In this residence, there are a lot of customized products crafted to compliment the residence along with keeping the budget in line and meticulous design approach.


1- Project Name-Saga Casa.
2- Project Size-  2800 Sq ft.
3- Project Location- Vapi.
4-Firm Name- Formidea Interiors.
5-Principle Designer- Dhanad Naik.
6- Project Design Head- Nikita Tandel.
7- Project Type- Residencial.
8-Photo Credit-Devang Desai.

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  • Camera cannot capture the essence and vibe you get on visiting the space by yourself.
    The combos of lights and texture gives a feeling of contentment.
    Spaces on viewing provides a distinct calm to the mind which wont fade with time.

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