Top 6 DIY Ways to Make Your Home Smarter

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Home is wherever the heart settles. On a different note, if you could fully automate your home by interconnecting all devices through a single WiFi network, as a result, enabling yourself to manipulate the temperature, music and even security of your entire house remotely then you have successfully turned your den into a smart home. After you have finished reading this article, you too will know where to spend money and turn your home smart with Alarm Relay.

Check out the six DIY ways of turning your home smarter using the latest technologies available.


Security cameras and alarm system:

There’s practically a whole universe of smart security devices to choose, starting from surveillance cameras, smart door bolts and motion sensors, to even subscription-based private security service.

Although a large facility will certainly require more cameras to cover the whole area, yet for a personal living space I believe the installation could be done single-handedly.

The only challenge is in setting the cameras up, and that requires drilling holes into the wall for mounting.

Once placed, you could watch several tutorials on Youtube if you want to start watching a live feed using a smartphone directly.


Smart TV:

Even the latest television sets emerging in the market today can be listed as a smart device, and by adding a smart TV to your living space or bedroom could transform your home.

Once installed, a smart TV will connect to your WiFi so you can download the necessary apps and of course, Netflix to make proper use out of any smart television.

Users like you and me are no longer required to spend money on additional appliances for streaming videos.

All you need to do is input the WiFi password into the television’s default operating system and everything else will fall into place.


Smoke Detectors:

The concept of a smart smoke detector is almost the same as any ordinary smoke detectors, except the former sends out notifications directly on the personal phone.

Some are even capable of revealing you the exact location of smoke or buildup of excess carbon dioxide in the house.

However, the only downside is that a smart smoke detector will emit a similar sound when it requires a new set of batteries; hence, it’s confusing figuring out the exact source of a problem.

Smart smoke detectors could be great additions to your home if you wish to turn the place smarter at a fairly reasonable price.

Installation isn’t complicated at all, it simply requires you to patiently sit down and watch tutorials on Youtube.


Lights and bulbs:

Fairly easy to install and comprise a wide range of features like turning on only when someone is present in a room and to change colours depending on your mood.

Check the package that’s likely to include a hub for connecting the device with a Wifi network.

And just like the smart smoke detectors mentioned above, the smart lights and bulbs too can be marvellous additions to turn your ordinary home into an obedient living space.

Pretty simple to install and will certainly lower your electricity bills with time.


Smart Hubs:

We have smart hubs to end the list with, which typically can control the majority of all smart devices in a home.

You could either download different apps for manipulating every device separately or simply use one of these smart hubs and control them altogether or individually.

Now, before you decide to place an order make sure you have done your research beforehand.

Simply because your chosen hub could be limiting the usage of certain devices in your home, so learn about limitations as well as scopes attached to a particular smart home device.

Check for reviews online and consult with technicians if necessary for accurate data. Generally, these hubs are quite simple to set up, just input your WiFi details into its software and you’ll be good to go.

To wrap it up, automating a house is fun, and the level of fun is likely to multiply when you are presented with lucrative cashback offers. There are companies today giving away cash incentives to their customers if they purchase smart home gadgets, so keep your eyes peeled online for details!

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