Apartment Decor With Soft Hues And Dainty Details | Fables Designs

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Apartment Decor With Soft Hues And Dainty Details | Fables Designs

A cozy reclusive sanctuary built for a family of four, this 1800 sqft home is structurally bold & beautifully simple. Soft hues and dainty details help create snug heaven.

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To evoke the sense of tranquility everything has been kept linear & minimal, allowing the space to look more commodious and open, despite its compact size. For the client incorporation, wooden hues in their home were absolutely pivotal. A streamlined look was designed to fit the contemporary and modern style of its inhabitants.

By maximizing the use of each & every nook and corner in this 3-bhk apartment, finer details were amalgamated, which added volume and character to the home. Neutral colors of white and beige along with wood creates a pleasing and relaxing atmosphere, giving the apartment a sophisticated look.

The final result was a space that was a reflection of the users and is the perfect blend between luxury & functionality.


Client: Mr. Amit Sharma

Location: Orchid Harmony, Pal,Surat.

Site area: 1800 Sqft

Design Firm: Fables Designs

Team Members: Meeti Shroff – Neeket Topiwala – Jyoti Ladha.

Photography credits: Prachi Khasgiwala.

Artwork credits: Avinash Trivedi.

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  • I have just started to learn about materials,may I know what is used in separating panelling at entrance door which looks like some line?

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