Conventional Style Corporate Office Interior | Akash Architect

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Conventional Style Corporate Office Interior | Akash Architect

In the fast-paced business world, corporate space designing requires a vision that facilitates the flexibility to accommodate changing technology and the foresight to operate efficiently. The Corporate office building of “Sukhaji Polymer Transport” has a regular structure of columns with the strategic separation of different departments in the natural grid system. To come up with a proactive as well as a creative solution for accommodating so many sections in a limited floor area was the biggest challenge for the designer. The office space created can make the workers passionate about everyday working scenarios. The conventional style of architecture used here develops the basic sense of working in peace and collaboration while enjoying the simplicity.

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First impressions are a vital part of human interaction that enables them to translate themselves into an office environment. So, the gorgeous entrance gate of glass allows the staff and visitors to experience positive feelings and provide them with the impression of grandeur as soon as they enter. The prominent use of wood for the foyer incorporates enriched patterns on them taking the aesthetical appeal to a whole new level.

The glass partitions with similar patterns separate the required segments without compromising with the space available inside. The reception area grabs your attention through the beautifully carved solid wood partitions enhanced with the elaborate geometrical patterns inspired by the traditional lingo of the office.

The studio is organized in such a way that the conference room stays in contact with the access and the workspaces are located at the back to be in contact with abundant natural light. The temple is the focus (i.e. brahmasthan) ensures maximum positive effects for the inhabitants as per Vastu. The sacred temple facing the waiting lounge is a zone of tranquillity that is full of divine energy to bring prosperity. The backdrop of the sitting area possesses a luxurious appearance created due to the dynamic blend of wooden textures with gold plated elements. The Italian flooring too has a similar influence with the random golden strips.

Another element of the approach is bringing more of the outdoors inside. This was accomplished by adding a little greenery throughout the office. The right color scheme of whites and light hues of blue makes you feel the most at ease. The relaxing gray and soft wheat tones for the sofas in the lounge balances the impact of wood used. The lovely elements used for the interior brings the elegant charm one craves for. For instance, the glorious circular chandelier in arbitrary inclination angles adds some country flair to space.

The main cabin is very systematically ordered increasing the concentration and potential. The cabin space features a personal meeting table & chairs in browns and comfy sofa sitting in vibrant blue which looks very versatile than the ordinary cabins. The correct natural as well as artificial lighting arrangement adds a spark to an individual perspective and makes it additionally responsive. The series of arched shaped niches on the wall is based solely on contemporary design.

The lavish conference room is designed in a user-friendly way with a fashionable manifestation. The laminate flooring gives an extraordinary feel to the room. The contrasting blue color designated fascinates the people coming to visit the place.

The workstation accommodates eight members altogether with a dedicated space for the manager. The spectacular color combination of wood, white and grey has such smart aesthetics and seems so trendy collectively. The repetition of such arched niches keeps the flow of the same language. The other cabin has adapted the existing vernaculars of the office successfully. The overall ambiance of the space gives a new definition for the workplace interiors.


Firm: Akash Architect

Client: Nareshbhai Patel

Project Name: M1 Polymers

Project Location: Adajan, surat

Area: 1350 Sq.ft

Project completion: July 2019

Architect In charge: Ar.sagar Patel

Design Team: Upasna patel, Snehal Jani

Photo Credits: Prachi Khasgiwala

Text Credits: Abhilasha Jha

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