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    An Elegant residence that weaves emotions with works of art bundles up outright extravagant emotions and a peculiar class! A true exemplar of material exploration with intricate detailing, to sum up a minimalistic, elegant, effortless, and embellished abode. Each space vibe over its diligent workmanship and a definite look after- basically everything that this young client could have asked for his family comprising his wife, parents, and a toddler. The client briefed and envisioned it to be simple, elegant, and everything that their parents would have dreamt of. The design firm, P Square Designs, Ahmedabad conceptualized it as a weave of the clients’ emotions and brief along with their individuality.

    An Elegant Home that Weaves Emotions with Works of Art | P Square Designs

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    This classically monolithic fiesta oodles of its material richness and spacious expanse that marvelously vibe through its precise decorum. A wooden ceiling canopying to terminate at the floor- is what instills the first impression of the entrance foyer. A very beautiful PU laminated main door with brass inlay sits in the veneer wood setup; representing its unique craftsmanship as an excerpt of what’s inside. 

    Further stepping into the space, one would encounter a mesmerizing installation. It is a full height Banswara marble with a three-dimensional carving done in organic imprints, specially crafted by the artisans in Udaipur. The living area where this installation sits is otherwise dually toned. This is done to enhance the visual impact of the Banswara installation against the perceptual impact of the veneer wood beading and ceiling. The sofas create a contract in jubilant blue against the glossy floor and chosen wall art. In a retro classic style with horizontal grooving and slender wooden legs, a tv console tacitly takes its place. 

    The open kitchen is adjacent to the dining space. It is open with an island platform, and a sleek reflective surfacing is what defines the space. It is conceptualized in gray and white with the gray overpowering through its vertical grooves and its spread over the platform and walls to terminate into the ceiling. A wood band runs across the ceiling space detailed in veneer and grooves. A metal cuboidal frame is brought down keeping it slender; aptly functioning to engage the chimney over the island platform. An oblique with marble on one side and wood on the other construes the island platform cum workstation. 

    The dining space is minimalistic with a centered dining table and comfy modish chairs, and wall art. The ceiling is the cynosure of the entire space. It plays in defining the space by making its aristocracy felt. Done using stretch fabric, it takes a hemispherical shape with a backlight and circular geometric lines- to merge into a wooden circular centerpiece and a designer fan. Here again, this stretch fabric serves as an installation piece and is designed and placed to be a work of art for the space. Furthermore, the dining has an extension into the outdoors with a double shutter wooden door. This opening also works in making the space airy and reflective while connecting the indoors with the outdoors. 

    The temple on the first floor is thoroughly detailed, chic, and dignified. Two articulated heritage pillars withhold the frame and help demarcate the canvas as a whole. There is an interesting backdrop of white marble with a mother of pearl inlay in lotus patterns specially crafted by the artisans in Udaipur. This floral inlay instill its auspicious association with Lord Radha-Krishna. Facing the ‘Radha-Krishna’ idol is the original ‘pichwai’ with pure gold work made by the artisans of Nathdwara. The ‘pichwai’ receives its ornamentation by the warm and gorgeous ceiling lights. Two rust comfy sofas by the window along with a floor rug and a small tea-table enhances the sense of engagement. 

    The design language of the entrance foyer with the veneer grooving works in defining the space of the master bedroom as well. Here the design language is created by an amalgamation of veneer and exposed concrete with an in-situ mural. A king-sized winged bed and modern side tables further enhance the design language here. This language remains constant across the space including in the seating area with the same exposed concrete mural.

    The bed, side table, bedroom bench, and sofas across the house are from Cassalino Furniture, Ahmedabad. The unmissable abstract wall art is exclusively bought from Yash Raj Studio’s signature collection. All the curtains across the house are procured from Anek Taanka, Ahmedabad. 

    The parent’s bedroom is on the ground floor. It is designed to be simple, minimalistic, and full of set pastel colors.  Neat design and decency take over the space along with simple plain textures and ample lighting.

    The clients’ requirement included a work space in the house. The space is defined by formal aesthetics with a wooden floor and an exposed brick wall. Three window openings help in achieving a well-lit space. The slender metal rack helps keep the look as minimalistic as possible. A circular ceiling light dropping off works in adding uniqueness to the space along with carefully chosen wall arts and geometric curtains.

    This 4BHK residence talks in plenty of its design detailing and works of art that weave themselves effortlessly into the spaces. It needs a designer to go an extra mile in designing for clients who insist on having a dream abode for their family. This home has indeed proven to be a place where the design ideas and family ideologies truly dwell together!

    Fact File

    Designed by: P Square Designs

    Project Type: Residence Interior Design

    Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    Year Built: 2021

    Duration of project: 8 Months

    Project Size: 3020 Sq.ft

    Principal Architects: Maulik G Bhadani

    Photograph Courtesy: Inclined Studio

    Firm’s Instagram Link : P Square Designs

    Firm’s Facebook Link : P Square Designs

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