Modern Workspace Design that Fuses Classic Design Elements and Rustic Feel | Acacia Creatives 

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When Kartik Prajapati and his business partner Kishan Patel bought a new modern workspace to move their working IT business in Ahmedabad. We were called to design their new space. The empty triangular approx. 1000 Sq.ft space was situated on the 3rd floor of the complex named “Swanik arcade” in Naranpura area of Ahmedabad.

Modern Workspace Design that Fuses Classic Design Elements and Rustic Feel | Acacia Creatives 

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The Reception

The reception area was made smaller to occupy more space for working area. But at the same time the reception area should be welcoming and should not look so tiny keeping this in mind, we used mirrors to make the area look bigger and spacious. The various elements like glass entry door, acrylic statuario marble finish walls with profile lights, simple desk, mirrors in the partition wall blue and gray sofa to match the colour pallet and An areca palm in the corner All gives an unparalleled arrival experience of the entrance. The space was designed to be simple and welcoming while maintaining the privacy and security as well. The full sized mirrors on the partition reflects lights and other elements in a way that creates a playful illusion in the space with a sense of mystery of what lies ahead.

The CEO Cabin

The highlight of the cabin is the unique blue wall and molding panel patterns with the 3D horse framed in the middle which reflects the personalities of the hardworking bosses in the room. Simple ceiling, light furniture and minimal design brings out more charm to the minute details of the room.

The windows kept as it is to  provide ample amount of sunlight in the room. The glass partition is placed to maintain connectivity to the working area while maintaining privacy of the owners cabin. The piano was kept inside the cabin for kishan patel as he is also a piano artist. It makes the room more lively and interesting. Again a storage unit was kept in the room to ensure that the desks kept clean and tidy. 

The Focal Point

The parametric ceiling with lights over working desks acts as the focal point which provides extra lighting needs and continuity between outside and inside environment.At arrival one sees the huge Windows with skylight and above that the parametric pattern which beautifully floats and creates the sense of drama with waves, shadows and lights. The presence of existing beam in the area was taken as an opportunity to install this design which enhances the space during the evening hours as well with it’s lightings.

The Shlok Wall

The other wall of the working area was kept simple with the the “sanskrit shlok” to make the employes feel calm, focused and inspired and to give a modern office an Indian touch.

Each room in the office has its own character while maintaining a common language with help of various elements which are portrayed by accent blue, gray and white color, wooden finishes, mirrors, glass doors and greenery which ties everything together into one space. This agglomeration of details makes the office modern yet timeless in its own way.

While we were designing this space we made sure that all the areas should have some amount of greenery. We have given small individual space to put small planters for each desk.

The planning is done in such a way that it automatically connects with the person working here. keeping them intrigued and captivating throughout. We designed the space to enhance it’s corporate identity and an effective workspace design that improves work productivity.

Fact File

Designed by: Acacia Creatives 

Project Type: Office Interior Design

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat 

Year Built: 2022

Duration of project: 2 Months

Project Size: 1000 Sq.ft

Principal Architects: Jigna Chauhan & Jatin Chauhan 

Photograph Courtesy: Inclined Studio

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