An Apartment Interiors Supple Hues And A Flavor Of Richness | Bombay Design Studio

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An Apartment Interiors Supple Hues And A Flavor Of Richness | Bombay Design Studio

We all appreciate a little feminine touch for interiors as it goes a long way to turn a harsh lined modern layout into a cozy one. This small 1BHK apartment is a feast for eyes for every girl desiring to create her dream house or even a slight corner belonging to herself. The client wanted a tailored design that is trending internationally for their beloved daughter in her teens. She visits the country once or twice a year so they almost needed a fine-tuned suit according to her personal preferences and taste. The gorgeous details picked smoothens the language of the house, categorizing it under a softer side.

Designer: Bombay Design Studio

This dainty dwelling welcomes you with an amiably designed living space. The room is filled with astonishing artifacts and elements with an effeminate charm. The neutral scheme gains a great lift from the subtle spark added through it. The décor incorporates several curvilinear shapes, supple hues and a flavor of richness. The feminine appeal isn’t necessarily a gender-specific trait.

The natural light reaches the interior spaces from the full-height windows, providing privacy while letting in the daylight. The turquoise colored sofa sittings are the most important element of the entire picture. It blends well with the overall set up and is the apt place to lounge, read, rest and enjoy. The light-tinted brown curtains mellow the inner environment.

The sinuous ambiance makes the entire atmosphere so balanced and tranquil that one feels really pleasant inside. The charming fluid-art paintings go in sync with the asymmetric reverence. The elegant corner, as well as the central table, adds a cosmic vibrance to space. The contrasting TV unit makes a bold statement with the brass inlays on the black Italian marble. The lightings in brass finish steal the show at the end. The scattered colorful cushions add a little personality and pop.

The dining with its bright colors and quirky designs touches everyone’s heart. The organization of space manages to attain a sitting of four people in one go. The in-trend bronze tinted mirrors are used to fashion the entire home which solves two purposes. Firstly, it visually expands space. Secondly, it integrates the room with an abundance of glamour. The flying birds on the mirror is a delicate in-flow design element to the linear furniture layout. The warm ceiling lights complement the elegant sheen of the room. The classy taste of the clients played a key role in articulating the house with pretty elements.

The common toilet follows similar dialects as of the common space with the use of the same colors, finishes, and materials.

The intense purple hue was picked to justify the feminine lingo. Moreover, the color bought a new fun element catching up with the brilliant energy and vividness of the space and thus fuses perfectly with the overall theme of the décor. The playful juxtapositions strike the right chords of design and décor. The quiescent tone for the long headboard is used as a focal point in the room. The sophisticated but eclectic mix of style is at once beguiling and chic. The fabric for the drapes is in hues of browns to blend with the dark wooden interior finishes.

A simple layout makes the room feel clutter-free. Every girl’s fantasy of a walk-in-wardrobe is even fulfilled in this delightful house which has a lot of space for all important stuff. The contemporary styling of the room enhances it wonderfully with additional storage space. The wooden flooring opted for these two rooms is surely an attractive feature that cannot be overlooked. The attached toilet perfectly traces paths for the modern polished treatments similar to that of the bedroom. To wrap it all, it can be said that this place is something every woman or girl desires.


Firm: Bombay Design Studio

Location: Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai

Principal Interior Designer: Ankit Vikmani

Associate Designer: Bhoomi Tank

Year: 2019

Carpet Area: 715 sq.ft.

PhotographyPHX India

Content: Abhilasha Jha

Facebook: Bombay design studio

Instagram: Bombaydesign_studio

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