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A Serene And Simple Home | STUDIO_VPA

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The property was combined with two 3bhk apartments and converted into a large 4bhk apartment with changes planned. The client’s brief was to have A Serene And Simple Home and to not overdo with huge amounts of furniture as well as interior space. We decided to make it simple, while keeping in mind to give an elegant look to the overall space.

A Serene And Simple Home | STUDIO_VPA


At the entrance area, the main door is in a veneer finish, with polish-attached customized MS jail in between the frame. In the foyer area, the material palette was in veneer and polyurethane finish. For the lower shoe-rack area dark golden mirror frame was incorporated to add that classy look to the entrance area and lord Ganesh ji was carved in wood and painted with a glossy polyurethane finish. There is also a seating arrangement beside any possible gatherings/functions.

Approaching the main living area, there is a large veneer ceiling with a pattern that follows the back panel area of the TV unit. The pattern was intentionally created to merge with the glass sliding door which separates the living area from the other private areas.

The client belongs to a Gujarati family, so the swing (jhula) was a must requirement for the living area! So we decided not to overdo the areas and keep if in clean lines with geometric patterns on the back of the swing. We designed the back wall of the swing with simple grooves in the wall, finished with wall paints.

We put a nice framed artwork from one of the art sculptures that the client bought from their Africa tour. Coming to the living area, on the rear wall, we have used brass inlays to give a contemporary luxury feel. The custom artwork that we used for the sofa back wall was also from the client’s Africa travel. A nice cozy corner unit with tropical plants, above which hanging lights are placed that add drama to the space. The blue sofa further added to the cozy ambiance.

For the kitchen area, the idea was to create more storage as per the requirements of the client. Thus the kitchen design was revised and was presented and implemented later. The kitchen was completed with PU-finish and built-in appliances.

In the dining area, we decide to go with some unique wall art which everyone loved, so we also put a tropical tree patterned grooved inside the wall using aluminum strips.

The master bedroom as per the client’s son’s requirement was designed with the theme of ‘calm and simple’. He also wanted a palette that would be soothing to the eyes. So we decided to go with a veneer finish and three custom artworks were used to enhance the headboard.

For the parents’ bedroom, a geometric pattern headboard was designed which was cut and placed in such a way to create a geometric pattern. Again, three artwork frames were placed above the headboard.

For the daughter’s bedroom, the main palette was laminated surfaces, along with a gypsum board pattern above the headboard area. Three wall photo art pieces which were created by the client’s daughter herself were hung to enhance the overall backdrop of the entire bedroom. The corner hanging lamp was hung at the top left corner of the wall.

As for the guest bedroom, we decided to kept it minimal in form of lines, thus using headboard and bed with laminated surfaces along with the same simple shape in the ceiling area.

Moving forward to the puja area we designed all the finishes in teak veneered the requirement for single person for puja is filled with mid hight puffy which goes all the way inside of the whole puja console.

At the upper area temple cornice implant with a concept of a mid-century modern style,  also nice Sanskrit shlok was carved out in nuwood  which also has a back light adds the aesthetic value to the overall space.


Designed by : STUDIO_VPA

Project Type : Residential

Project Name : D P RESIDENCE

Location : VADODARA

Year Built :  2021

Duration of project : 4 months

Project Size : 2584 sq.ft

Project Cost Appx : 40 Lac

Principal Architect : Vaibhav Patel

Team Design Credits :  Mona Patel & Anokhee Patel

Photograph Courtesy : Tejas shah

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