• Creating Immersive Shopping Experiences, “When It Comes To Retail, The Devil Is In The Details” | Aashni Kumar

    From putting together head-turning window displays and signage essentials to telling the brand’s story while creating immersive shopping experiences, “When It Comes To Retail, The Devil Is In The Details”. We endeavored to and achieved take this on successfully, in a period of 4 months which included both, ideation, design, and execution. This was a challenge in itself, which was further magnified by working within the confines of one of the busiest malls in our country. The experience was electrifying, and the high-pressure situation pushed us to bring the best out within this brief period. Another challenge was walking the tightrope between displaying too many items and wasting precious real estate. While most of the store has been fitted with rustic beige, blue, green, and gold shelving systems, we found that some negative spaces are positive influences that redirect attention and flow to the statement elements around them. Its plain nature is vital when designing any space, especially one like this, where it impacts the visual perception of the surroundings and lifts the atmosphere.

    While Creating Immersive Shopping Experiences, “When It Comes To Retail, The Devil Is In The Details” | Aashni Kumar

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    The juxtaposition of soulful finishes with color-blocked and glossy corners is further represented by hand-crafted visual merchandising areas, that are interrupted with a digital screen to represent our dynamic, ever-changing environment. Creating high contrasts and juxtapositions is an important cornerstone in my work, and doing so with elements and ideas that transcend design had my heart. The presence of the new, within the backdrop of the old, was a marriage that strongly spoke to me.

    The sprawling glass,façade spans over 38 feet allowing the end user to begin their shopping experience before stepping inside. The finely detailed & intricately designed signages interrupt the looking glass that doubles up as display shelves and visual merchandising focus points.

    The unique and triangular floor plan of the Cai store enabled us to create design details that engage every corner. Embracing conventional details was our main aim, which further manifested as dull gold metal and concrete finish display racks that highlighted the brand’s stylish, colorful and comfortable footwear.

    This uniquely shaped store was a challenge we successfully conquered by deriving most use from its corners. The triangular-shaped floor plan is finished with a carefully selected color palette of neutral monotones running through the ceilings & walls, that continue onto the floor, thus creating an illusion
    of the space.

    The store’s minimalist and modern design is interrupted by maximal elements of color-blocked wall treatments, subtle textures, and vivid patterns. Clean geometrical lines in blue and green complement the monochromatic flow of the store, just as the round edge finishes break the straight line theme and maintain the authenticity of pairing opposites together. The overall color palette of the store largely remains at beige and gold, and this continuity in color is further exaggerated by the usage of raw floor and wall textures. This canvas forms the setting to highlight trendy and quality-driven products in an undisturbed manner.


    Designed by : Aashni Kumar

    Project Type : Retail

    Project Name : Cai

    Year Built : June, 2022

    Duration of project : 4 Months

    Project Size :  419 Sq.Ft

    Principal Architect : Aashni Kumar

    Photograph Courtesy : Yadnyesh Joshi

    Styling Courtesy : Shraddha Nayak

    Firm’s Website Link : Aashni Kumar

    Firm’s Instagram Link : Aashni Kumar


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