A Monochrome Colour Tone Interiors Along with Some Hues Of Green | Darshan Group 

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The interior of the apartment has a monochrome color tone reflected in the shades of ‘Morning Glory’ on the walls and gray floor tiles in the rooms and common areas, endow a modern homely living environment. The added use of natural materials ignites a sense of warmth and humility. Tailored furniture, fashionable lighting design and beautiful wall art and antiques elevate each of the spaces distinctively. Metal, wood and marble are the primary constituents of the material palette. An intimate connection is achieved in this color palette along with some hues of green.

A Monochrome Colour Tone Interiors Along with Some Hues Of Green | Darshan Group 

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Personalized color addition kindles the way one feels the space and exhibits a sense of comfort and belonging. A light color in the living enlightens the space. The character of the space is pulsated by the waffle ceiling and imbues the living room with life. The blue sofa in the drawing room is oriented to a fixed 110° to capture the greens outside. Fluted wall paneling and strip lights to go with a purported black marble backdrop makes a strong identity to feature the TV unit in the living area.

Nestled away from the chaos, the residence is located in Ahmedabad, on a site measuring approximately 6800 sq. ft. The bungalow, with interiors designed by Darshan Group, was conceived on the concept of an open floor layout with clean lines and a warm color palette. The ground floor comprises a living space, drawing room, kitchen, open dining, puja room, bedroom with attached toilet, and other ancillaries. The first floor comprises three bedrooms and a lounge area; a master bed, son and daughter’s bedrooms, accompanied by an open terrace. Here, the defined alfresco terrace is ideal for city dwellers who want to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Additionally, the second floor comprises a home theater cum entertainment room and open terraces to capture the beautiful green view of the surroundings.

Effective kitchen design with vibrant granite countertop surface and design details such as the fluted vertical panels resonates with the rest of the interiors thereby forming a cooking space that’s functional to use and fun to cook.

Accent and feature elements such as a minimalist staircase design with stone treads and wooden baluster supported over metal rails. The perforated wooden doors of the Puja room inhabit the architectural expressions, distilled to capture the spiritual essence of the space.

Apart from this, the dressing area along the passage has laminated wardrobes, highlighted with an amoeba shaped back lit mirror as one enters the dress. Additional hand-worked wooden handles, rope work in the transitional area, artful décor wall clocks, augment the lifestyle and give sophistication to the simple palate.

Furthermore, the homeowners aspired to every room designed to cater to a unique theme; however, the overall language of the project to be based on the idea of geometrical shapes – a square preferably. The son’s bedroom has rear side veneer-wooden paneling with a concealed toilet door.

The daughter’s bedroom has the same concept with a shade of pink and leather paneling complementing the bed and a wardrobe on its opposite side. The curtains of all the rooms are retained in a neutral shade to complement the rest of the interiors. The bathrooms have been furnished with a contemporary English style with the juxtaposition of bold and calm throughout the bathroom and the use of granite tops and Italian marbles. Even the lights had to strike the right tone matching the color of the rooms.

A dark room, with a home theater eviscerates the experience of watching films with the family and also accommodates as an entertainment room for the kids.

A meticulous attention to detail, the harmonious effect and careful mixing of styles in a modern setting has resulted in a masterpiece of a residence. Balance happens to be the key to a happy home.

Fact File

Designed by: Darshan Group 

Project Name: The Morden bungalow 

Principal Designers: Shailesh Desai, Darshan Desai & Kajal Desai

Project Type: Residence Interior Design 

Project Size: 6800 Sq.ft 

Year Built: 2022

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat 

Photography Courtesy: Inclined Studio 

Firm’s Instagram Link: Darshan Group 

Firm’s Facebook Link: Darshan Group 

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