A Modern Contemporary Office Design Inspired By Traditional Elements | nPe_DesignStudio

A modern contemporary office design inspired by traditional elements is a unique and sophisticated approach to designing a professional workspace. This advocate’s office space combines the clean lines and minimalistic design elements of modern design with the warmth and character of traditional elements.

A Modern Contemporary Office Design Inspired By Traditional Elements | nPe_DesignStudio

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One key element of this design is the incorporation of traditional materials and finishes, such as wood, stone, and brick visualised in a disciplined approach to recreate a modern building. Plants and customised artwork add an interesting layer to the feel of the office.

Located in a residential neighbourhood in Rajkot we made sure the building stood out with use of bold granite feature wall with lighting to highlight the building and at the same time balance the bold colour with earthy brick and wooden elements.

The building has large windows on the front to allow ample light and balcony on each floor to create a “feel like home” space. The interior spaces reflect advocate’s personality and values, while also providing a professional and welcoming atmosphere for clients and colleagues.

In terms of layout, we have designed the office to provide visually interconnected spaces yet separated as advocate’s nature of work calls for less interaction and more privacy.

The entrance area has a glass and wooden partition balanced with greys of flooring and staircase. Artworks and plants add an interesting intervention to enliven the space.

On first floor we open up to a double height reception space filled custom artworks. The reception connects to workspace on one side and advocate’s office on the other. All spaces are visually interconnected with the double height reception through “Jharokha” inspired inward windows overlooking the reception space.

The color palette of this design is neutral and sophisticated, with pops of bold color provided through accents such as artworks, plants and upholstery. This helps to create a cohesive and sophisticated look, while also adding interest and personality to the space.

The Advocate’s office has a personality of it own. The core idea focused on creating a space that reflects authority, trust and discipline. We used bold black balanced with earthy wood to create the feel.

A large balcony lined with plants to fit a cosy jhula was designed to give the space an informal and personal touch.

Technology is also an important factor considered design of advocate’s office. This includes the incorporation of smart home features, such as automated lighting and temperature control, as well as the use of electronic devices and software to streamline workflow and improve efficiency.


Designed by : nPe_DesignStudio

Project Type : Office Interior

Project Name : nPe_DesignStudio office

Location : Advocate Arjun Patel, 150 ft ring road, beside Jade Blue, Rajkot

Year Built : 2022

Duration of project : January 2021 to January 2022

Plot Area : 1500 sq.ft

Built up : 5000 Sq.ft

Project Cost : 75,00,000

Principal Architect : Naimish Parekh

Team Design Credits : Jhanvi Vadera & Bhargav Vachhani

Photograph Courtesy : Bhargav Thobhani

Firm’s Instagram Link : nPe_DesignStudio


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