A Fashion Boutique Store Speaking Dynamism With Tinge Of Traditional Element | Nikhil Jain Architects

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A Fashion Boutique Store Speaking Dynamism With Tinge Of Traditional Element | Nikhil Jain Architects

This two-floor site of about 5000 SFT is located at the very beginning of Road no. 10 of Banjara Hills, a street which is known for its fashion boutiques and outlets of connoisseurs in bespoke clothing. The clients, who are the second generation in the family-business of bespoke clothing, wanted a retail environment that helped them showcase and sell better, and that set a benchmark in the market for their brand.

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The overall shape of the site is such that it narrows down as we move into the store. This gave the store-front the maximum width, and the walls a natural inclination towards the front, helping boost the clothing-visibility on the walls. The naturally wide store-front also helped in creating space for a transitional buffer, that made the customers comfortable right after they entered the store.

Ground Floor

The ground floor follows a design concept that comprises the idea of arches, the use of gold leafing, custom-made antique-finished metal fixtures, and earthen-colors on the furniture and various other areas of the space. These were derived from the royal ethnic culture of Northern & Western India, reflective of the ethnic clothing that the brand offers.

The cash-desk features a backdrop made of customised sandblasted tiles, that features patterns created using block-printing, an art practised by the craftsmen of Rajasthan. The walls of the fitting-rooms are of Jodhpur sandstone finish. The end of the ground floor also accommodates the director’s cabin, pantry and toilet.

The staircase area towards the back of the store adds volume to the otherwise-narrowing end of the floor. With the railing-design inspired by the arches, and the black and Jaisalmer yellow-stone flooring, the staircase carries the essence of the ground floor to the first floor.

First Floor

The concept for the first floor started with one major requirement of the client – Maximum display of outfits through clusters of mannequins. We created nine such clusters for them to showcase their theme-based outfits. Another attribute to the concept development was the idea of celebration lighting and floral decor – often seen in Indian weddings.

This was made possible through arches made using metal pipes and filament-bulbs with antique-finish holders, and the wall in the centre, and the customised furniture that carried the floral theme. The arches are connected to the ceiling-suspended display showcasing select wedding-wear. This series of arches and displays was mirrored on the left and the right walls, and gave symmetry to the rather asymmetrical shape of the floor.

The floor has an overall dark and minimal ceiling to highlight the walls. The double-height of the staircase area features a series of vaulted-ceilings with gold-leafing finish and pendant lighting. The end of the first floor has a section for sarees, along with a tailoring and a store room.


The facade is made of harmony of materials – Black glossy finish metal sheets, terracotta jali, rose-gold finish signage, and profile lighting that highlights the extent of its proportion. The highlight of the facade is the screen between the show-windows on the first floor, which adds dynamism to the overall appearance. Despite being ten-feet away from the road, these elements highlight the store and its presence.


Design Firm: Nikhil Jain Architects

Location: Hyderabad

Project Type: Interior Design – Retail

Principal Designer: Ar. Nikhil Jain

Turnkey & PMC Consultants: EIDPL India – Sanjay Jain & Ashish Jain

Area: 5000 SFT

Year: September 2020

Photography: Ricken Desai

Website: www.nikhiljainarchitects.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/nikhiljainarchitects

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nikhiljain_architects/

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