A blend of tradition and modernity | Tangerine Turfs

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A blend of tradition and modernity| Tangerine Turfs

They say a house must reflect art and cultural practices of the region it is in, to truly become a home. In the case of this 2700 sq.ft apartment in Hyderabad, the rich art traditions of India come together to create a vibrant, rich atmosphere! This project, designed and put together by Deepti Reddy in 2016 is an example of giving respect to traditional arts and crafts in contemporary , modern spaces. The project was completed in a record time of one and half months , including all elements and finishes.

Beginning from the foyer which envelopes one with an array of traditional elements, the entire house has a warm feeling to it. Attention to detail is of prime importance, such as a beautiful brass show-piece combined with a flower-bowl, which adds to the warmth and delight of the entrance. The furniture pieces in the living areas are subtle, and allow the artefacts around them to dominate the space. A diverse mix of artwork from various regions of the Indian subcontinent is put on display.

A few contemporary elements are given a traditional spin in the form of laser-cut metal screens and partitions to separate spaces. White walls of the living room allow the colourful, vibrant elements to be highlighted. The ceiling panels in wooden finish complements the polish on most of the wooden furniture, and acts as a neutral backdrop for lighting elements. The traditional swing in the centre of the living area shows the family’s love for merry get-togethers around the swing!

The dining table too has little panels of x’s and o’s, perhaps for a game together? There is a pair of diwans, or low heighted single beds which can be used for lounging or relaxing during gatherings. Every corner blends in colors, textures and cultural elements that create a functional and classy home.

The bedrooms carry forward the blend of contemporary and traditional, using clean straight lines in the furniture, which are broken by these small and beautiful traditional elements. In the children’s bedroom , a neutral black and white tone is accentuated with wall decals ,stickers and small but decorative pieces.

The guest bedroom too is done up in simple graphics , clean lines and yet accentuated by bright yellow blinds. The small temple has an intimate, warm scale with a low platform on which idols are kept. Because the overall color scheme is neutral monochrome, it is the small decorative elements which brighten up the spaces.  Without the use of traditional artefacts, tapestries and colors, the spaces would be in neutral monochrome. The addition of these elements provides meaning and warmth to the overall space. Some common areas such as the family room have a mixture of colors and textures.

The false ceiling is highlighted, with an inlaid pattern backed by lighting, and the focus is on the red screen for the projector. There are eclectic elements here too, with an interesting half cycles. The bar area in polished finishes adds a touch of gloss. The kitchen area, the heart of the house, is also treated in muted black and white. It is compact and all-integrated, to give a comfortable experience. Here too, there is an eclectic mix of decorative bowls, Buddha figurines, carefully chosen decorative lights. This gives the open plan kitchen a warm and positive vibe.

The balcony, covered with plants and climbers is a warm and comfortable space. It has tiny hanging elements, lights, and decorative artefacts. The home altogether makes for an interesting, warm and comfortable one, peppered with many curios and showpieces that one can keep exploring and admiring!


Architectural firm:Tangerine Turfs

Principal Architect:  Deepti Reddy 

Year of completion: 2016

Area: 2700 sq. ft

Location: Hyderabad
Text Credits: Niharika Joshi

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