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    This four storey private residence belonging to a closed knit joint family of Vohra community, is located in Godhra, Gujarat. The client, Akbarbhai Vandeliwala, a businessman, and his family of 10 were residing together in their familial home since decades. ‘Unity in Diversity’ was our motto for this eclectic home. The project offered us an opportunity to design it in a balanced blend of classic and contemporary design, which  holds the roots of their traditions along with the touch of modernity.

    A Balanced Blend Of Classic And Contemporary Design | JIHAN ASSOCIATES


    Need for a bigger dwelling arised when the client’s grandkids grew up. They wanted a home where all can stay united as well as cherish their privacy too.  Their requirements were straightforward : comfort and functionality. The rest was left to us.

    Our firm had been involved in the project after the structural skeleton was ready so  we also got the opportunity to treat the exterior facade. The layout of the house is linear with the narrow side as the front facade. We have  treated the facade in neutral shades, highlighting the play of solid masses with  exposed brick work.  The green plants add color and liveliness to the entrance of the  house. The metal main gate has motifs which are reflected inside the house in the  parking and staircase areas as well.

    The Ground floor consists of the parking area, guest bedroom and servant quarters. The First and second floor are separate residences for two sons of the client with the  same layouts. Both the residences are given different characters and souls.

    The vast parking area serves as a multipurpose space for extended gatherings or family events and a playground for kids to indulge in games within the safety of their home itself.

    Natural materials like Kota stone and exposed bricks are chosen to give the place a warm and soothing milieu. The entrance path has motifs engraved on  the floor which leads to the main door of the house.

    The main entry door and jali door are designed with chevron pattern using wood and ventura which is reflected in the whole house in various ways.

    The passage has  been adorned with carefully designed and placed furniture pieces which break  down the length of the otherwise long. Wood has been a primary material for all the furniture pieces and also reflected in the ceiling in chevron pattern. The left side of the hallway is the private area which has three bedroom with  attached bathrooms.

    The main challenge for designing the interior was to give the spaces individual character and yet unify them with the entire concept of the house. The common areas have a central contemporary theme and the private spaces are designed  according to the age of the inhabitants, reflecting their personality and functional  requirements.

    The main door opens to a passage area where a pseudo foyer was designed to  give the sense of entrance by creating a glass partition and a light wooden console  in front of it. The clear glass partitions are given to divide the spaces functionally while giving uninterrupted visual connectivity, hence making the residence look like  one big space. The geometrical patterned flooring tiles were chosen to add colour  and character to the central passage which connects all the other spaces.

    The living room is the formal area where the guests would be entertained. The  feature wall with rustic tiles in royal blue with copper strip inlay in chevron pattern is  intended to add contemporary character and colour. The same pattern has been  reflected on wall panelling and false ceiling design.

    The full wall to wall carpet in  beige tone adorning the floor is a part of the client’s tradition and acts as a canvas enhancing the colours of the carefully chosen upholstery of the furniture, adding vivacity to the living room.

    The family sitting with dining and kitchen are designed without any solid partitions to keep it spacious by combining multiple functional spaces in one.

    The same subtle  colour scheme of the living room is continued here in the family sitting with a contrasting bright green in the kitchen which is chosen to add an element of  freshness.

    Bright coloured sofas with multi-coloured rug are chosen to give the room a lively ambience where the family can unwind together after a busy day of work  and school.

    Designed in colonial style, this white and aqua room is given a luxurious ambience and a sense of serenity for the owners to live life in a lavish style but also soothing the  mind.

    The four – post bed, console and wooden sofa are made in antique white and aqua  wooden finish whereas the wooden flooring enhances the white furniture. The decor of the room is kept minimal.

    The master bathroom is done in neutral grey with splashes of red and orange in the  shower panel. The antique white wooden console and arched mirror are designed  to stand out in the neutral grey background. The sliding wardrobes are also made of  wood with the same antique white finish.

    This room is designed in contemporary style using white and soft pastel yellow hues.  The wooden flooring and furniture complements the overall colour scheme.

    The wall  behind the two chairs in the corner is highlighted by giving it a deep blue color in stark contrast to the white, yellow and grey. It creates a cosy corner for the couple  to enjoy their quality time together.

    A symphony in black, this bathroom radiates luxury and elegance. The abstract picture frame is chosen to complement the fluidity of the grains in the tiles.

    The fluid  movement of abstract patterns in white, yellow and black adds color to this classic  black bathroom.

    Siblings, a boy of 10 and a girl of 6 respectively, share this bedroom which has twin beds in blue color, a wardrobe and a study desk with ample storage space where both of them can study simultaneously.

    The salmon pink background of the bed enhances the vibrant bed back and striped bed covers chosen to give the room a colourful and energetic vibe. The white printed blinds add character to the room. 

    The quotes on the wall were chosen by the kids themselves which we depicted in the form of colourful planks with engraving.

    The bathroom is made in white glass tiles with geometrical pattern on the floor. The bright blue colour is given to oomp up the space and to make it happening. The colourful city skyline painting was carefully chosen for this bathroom whereas the full  wall mirror makes the bathroom look spacious.

    In this residence, the past meets the future. Designed as an amalgamation of Indian and Moroccan styles with hints of modernity, the ethnic style represents a sense of their strong cultural roots and the contemporary style gives the glimpses of the time  to come. All the spaces have a perfect balance of functionality and artistic elegance.

    The material palette was chosen very carefully to exude underrated luxury. The wood and metal are the prominent materials chosen to achieve our desired effect  throughout the house.

    The staircase leads up to the residence where one is greeted with an intricate entrance metal jail door consisting of multiple Indian and Moroccan patterns, some  of which are also reflected in the wooden main door and ceiling of the passage  hallway. The Moroccan motif tiles with intricate patterns in vibrant colours create a  carpet effect in the entrance , hence highlighting it. The passage is bathed in warm  yellow light by ethnic brass lamps on the wooden ceiling.

    The layout of this residence is similar to the first floor residence. The visual connectivity through the spaces is kept intact using clear glass partitions with wooden frames, giving it the sense of one big space divided in terms of functions.

    The living room is adorned with intricate engraved patterns with Indian low height sitting and exposed brick feature wall. The wooden furniture is designed to compliment the above elements giving the space a touch of ethnic royalty. The ivory carpet and wall color enhance the bright upholstery and decor elements.

    The vibrant colours of this living room are intended to uplift one’s mood when entering this floor. The upholstery is mindfully chosen to compliment the intricate carving details as well as the earthy materials of this room. Brass decor elements are skilfully placed bringing the old traditional vibe to this modern ethnic living room.

    This feature wall at the backdrop of Indian sitting is the highlight of the living room. Rich fabrics with textures are adding elegance of the whole composition.

    The family sitting connected with living room by a clear glass partition carries a similar design philosophy as the living room. The intricate patterned rug adds  character to the family sitting.

    The open design of this space connects the family sitting, dining area as well as the kitchen area, creating an interacting space for the family to unwind after a busy day.

    Here, wood is extensively used to add warmth to the space. The console made of wood and metal is a customized design for this house. Wooden blinds gel with the  overall furniture design.

    This bedroom is designed to radiate warmth and happiness. The rust coloured theme is chosen to give the inhabitants an energetic, cheerful and uplifting vibe.

    The clean straight lines of the furniture design are intended to focus the mind on physical comfort. The picture frames on the wall reflect all the calm colours

    The attached bathroom is done in neutral tones of grey and brown, radiating a spa like ambience. Mirror is used on the wardrobes for giving the bathroom and dressing  area a sense of vastness and grandeur.

    This bedroom is shared by two boys of age 10 and 12. They had only one request for us : to put a slide with the bunk bed. The theme of this room is very lively and  energetic. The black ceiling has many indirect lights forming various geometrical  shapes.

    The blue color is chosen for the kids as it is thought to promote intelligence and serenity. It makes one feel calm and relaxed. Bright colors are added to make  this bedroom interesting and eye catchy.

    There is ample space for the kids to play  and do constructive activities together. The study desk is large enough for both the brothers to sit and study together.

    The bathroom reflects the similar theme as the bedroom. Multi colored tiles are selected to make this bathroom a cheery place for kids.

    This bedroom will cater to guests as well as parents. The green and ivory combination is chosen to give this place a tranquil and serene aura. Wooden furniture and customised design wall decor elements add to the beauty of this room. 

    The wooden bed back has engraved patterns on it which is also reflected in the collage on the wall behind the bench.

    This attached bathroom is done in monotone using linear patterns to give it a clean minimal look.

    The terrace gazebo is a get together space for the family to have social gatherings.


    Designed by : JIHAN ASSOCIATES

    Project Type : Residential Interior

    Project Name : Vandeliwala Residence

    Location : Godhra, Gujarat

    Year Built : 2020-21

    Duration of the project : 11 months

    Plot Area : 3452 sq.ft

    Built-up Area : 13212 sq.ft

    Principal Designer : Minesh Shah

    Team Design Credits : Ar. Ashna Mistry, Shweta Shinde, Kaushik Joshi & Devang Darabar

    Photograph Courtesy : JIHAN ASSOCIATES

    Firm’s Website Link : JIHAN ASSOCIATES

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