Boutique Furniture Store For A Reputed Brand | SPACE9 PROJECTS

This is a boutique furniture store for a reputed brand, ‘Shree Dinkar Furniture at One World Capital, Bopal Junction at Iscon Ambli Road, Ahmedabad. It is an experience center about what Shri Dinkar Furniture is as a brand and what it offers. The design was all about showcasing the furniture products offered by SDF in[Read More]

Making The Importance Of Design A Need For Any Commercial Space | YUGEN DESIGN SPACE

A bakery, an all-time tempting space and must capture space for interior designers with the challenge of eye-attracting design to keep the baking on. The architecture and interior design studio ‘Yugen Design Space’ has treated all its social circles with this sweet, cozy, design-themed, Milan-style bakery. Unlike the tacky bakeries today, the client was particular[Read More]

Creating Immersive Shopping Experiences, “When It Comes To Retail, The Devil Is In The Details” | Aashni Kumar

From putting together head-turning window displays and signage essentials to telling the brand’s story while creating immersive shopping experiences, “When It Comes To Retail, The Devil Is In The Details”. We endeavored to and achieved take this on successfully, in a period of 4 months which included both, ideation, design, and execution. This was a[Read More]

Eyewear Retail Design that Harmoniously Blends Modernity and Elegance | Amogh Designs

Optifyy, a new-fangled eyewear showroom catering its services to best fit the needs of its customers has been mapped out by Amogh Designs. This eyewear retail design of about 700-800 sq.feet is located at new Ranip, Ahmedabad. Eyewear Retail Design that Harmoniously Blends Modernity and Elegance | Amogh Designs Visit: Amogh Designs Planning the project[Read More]

Evolving Retail Design that Reimagines Cultural Touchpoints | FORUMaDvaita

Pataaree is a wedding accessories retail design studio based out of Chandigarh, India. They create customized products for wedding ceremonies including favors and decor props. The products are a reflection of the traditions and ceremonies which compliment wedding rituals and add that personalized touch to each experience. Evolving Retail Design that Reimagines Cultural Touchpoints |[Read More]

Modern Retail Design that is Bold, Bling and Elegant | Sky High Builders & Contractors

This modern retail design project finally completed and also came out really good, but there were several changes we faced. To begin with, we got a plan that is already constructed (finishing not done), and the planning wasn’t upto the mark and hence, shaping the design with minimal alteration and client demands was challenging. Modern[Read More]

Striking Jewelry Retail Designed for an Intimate yet Interactive Experience | Swakrit Design Private Limited

The client wanted the retail space to have warmth of a home, and functionality of a retail space. Also, the showroom was to be part museum (of craftsmanship and design). Balancing all these aspects, while maintaining basic functionalities of a retail space was a big challenge. This was overcome by planning a detailed customer journey[Read More]

Eclectic Mélange of Antiquity and Modernity | Behold Design Studio

Designing Cake Palace that is an eclectic mélange of antiquity and modernity, a 35 year-old bakery was our very first project in the F&B industry. As a growing firm we are always keen to experiment and explore in terms of designing and playing with materials. Hence, one can take notice of details and interplay of[Read More]

Contemporary Café with an Elevated Spatial Narrative | groupDCA

Haldiram’s as a brand has prided itself over being a homegrown and proudly Indian franchise, a household name in the country that has received global adulation. Seeking an overhaul of their identity in the form of an elevated spatial narrative, Haldiram’s collaborated with groupDCA to create their newest café venue in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi.[Read More]

Fur Family Haven: A Pet Shop and Clinic with Strikingly Playful Design Palette | Architerio

KITMEER pet shop & clinic located in an existing commercial complex in Vasana, Vadodara. The concept of design began by establishing a long, continuous ribbon-like wall that makes its way through the space. Fur Family Haven: A Pet Shop and Clinic with Strikingly Playful Design Palette | Architerio Visit: Architerio This ribbon wall serves as[Read More]