Unique Palette of Green and Greys for an Offbeat Luxury Retail Store | Stance Spaces

The primary concern was the limited area to work with and the requirements being plenty. The brief was to design a retail store that could be multi-use. The 500 Sq.ft space consisted of a central fabric display and experimentation corner which welcomed visitors by being along the axis of the entrance, further the client’s workspace[Read More]

50 Appealing Partition Wall Ideas with Timeless Designs

Open floor plans are becoming increasingly popular with residences and office spaces to witness a change in space planning and subsequently planning of partition walls. These partition walls are not only space separators but also a design element that has the potential to become a conversation starter. An element that allows optimum usage of floor[Read More]

Earthy Tones and Raw Aesthetics of this Retail Store in Coimbatore | Masonry of Architects

It’s a organic products shop. Major set back we had was the 160 Sq.ft site area which is much lesser to work in the busy street of the city. We proposed the shop interior design and renovation work. My clients wanted to display their products with giving an earthy tones emphasis to the shop from[Read More]

Immersive Experience Center with Dynamic Design Language and Evolving Aesthetics | Aarna Architects

To achieve our dynamic design intent we went about designing 9 bays of display having 3 kitchens, a bar, living area, dining and bedrooms with their accessories all manufactured to our design specifications by the manufacturer. This was done to show the extent of customization possible working with the manufacturer. Immersive Experience Center with Dynamic[Read More]

Jewellery Store That Exudes Grandeur Inspired by the Indian Architecture | D’ZINE FORUM

Jewellery store that exudes grandeur inspired by the indian architecture symbolizes the beauty and classicism. For women wearing jewellery is a symbol of feminity. The showroom of “RAMESH CHANDRA PAREKH JEWELLERS” is located in the heart of the city. It was re-designed to give a complete new look. RCP Jewellers is headed by Mr. Mehul[Read More]

20 Innovative Exposed Brick Wall Ideas for building Timeless Spaces

Rooting for vernacular architecture and design, bricks have always been an essential design element. Using the same for architectural facades, exposed brick wall for the interiors of homes, offices and various other spaces that welcomes warmth, texture and character into a space. India has seen some of the finest brick architecture, a time when the[Read More]

Exceptional Retail Concept That Doubles as a Lighting Store | Choreography of Spaces

The new retail space for The White Teak Company, a lighting & home décor store, at Bangalore designed by Choreography of Spaces is an attempt look at the geometries, in solid against its own wire-frame version. Exceptional Retail Concept That Doubles as a Lighting Store | Choreography of Spaces Visit: Choreography of Spaces The idea[Read More]

Experiential Retail Design Embellished with Simplicity | Portal 92

In an era fueled by the imperative quest for identity, the cultural phenomenon of fashion can be interpreted as a tool for proclamation of individuality, empowering individuals to diversely sculpt their identities. Quintessentially Indian in its roots, KoAi, is Anugrah Chandra’s label of elevated essentials paying homage to Rajasthan’s traditional retail design hand block printing[Read More]

Display of Curves & Neutrals with this Contemporary Design of Skin Clinic | VISIONS Architects & Designers

To celebrate feminism, niches with various female figures/ artefacts are highlighted in every space of the contemporary design clinic. A hanging light on top of reception desk is complimenting the curvilinear concept which makes it a highlight element of the entire clinic. Display of Curves & Neutrals with this Contemporary Design of Skin Clinic |[Read More]

Celebrating Indian Traditional Design with Modern Day Retail Sensibilities | JNS Design

Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamond — traditional design adorning them upon themselves always makes a woman feel like the Queen of the world. Similarly, having a space adorned by the creative minds of JNS Designs makes the owner of the space feel like the King of jewels. This store is designed not just for women,[Read More]