• 5 Considerable Things to Replace the Toilet

    Can you imagine how human beings would be without finding an ingenious way to empty their bowels? For human beings to survive, we eat every day of our lives. If the food we eat would accumulate in our bodies, even if it were for a few hours without excreting it, our lives would be a disaster. For this reason, every home needs a toilet. 


    Finding the right toilet that matches your budget and conforms to your home may be an easy thing from the offset, but it is not as easy as it seems. Right now, toilet manufacturers are doing all they can to produce a toilet that everyone will like. You can find a toilet of your choice from this list of 11 ideal toilets the world has ever made.


    Some of the things you are likely to learn from the article include common problems you are likely to encounter with toilets and how to solve them. Besides, you will also learn about the fundamental requirements of a premium toilet, and of course, the different types of toilets that are based on the flush mechanism.


    While it might be easy for others to repair their toilet, interior décor and home designing experts argue that it is better to replace your toilet. In this article, the discussion is about the five important things you should consider before you replace your toilet.


    These 5 considerations stand between you and your old toilet. Let’s look at some of the crucial factors that may lead to you making a decision of replacing the toilet.


    Toilet Cost and The Expenses of Installing It

    Like it or not, the cost of buying and installing a new toilet is a key factor. Many people, when considering whether to revamp their house take a keen interest in the cost of purchasing new items or repair the ones they already have.


    It is the same with the toilet. If the cost and the installation of a new toilet are more than that of repairing the old one, it may be reasonable to ask your plumber to repair the old version. However, it also depends on the kind of home. A newly-built high-end villa at a palatial surrounding may not need toilet repairs but a brand new.


    Performance of The Toilet

    Many toilets are known to use a lot of water. Recent restrictions by various governments on water consumption have affected many families. Today, unlike in the past, water is scarce. Many homes do not access water easily as they would want to.


    The restrictions have made toilet manufacturers more innovative. Now, more than any other time in the history of man, you can get a cistern that uses as little as 5 pints to empty all the contents in the toilet.


    Large flush valves, glazed tramways, models with water pressure, dual flush, and multiple nozzles are some of the latest innovations you can count on. Such are the toilets that are installed in this magnificent residential villa that is designed to conform to Abraham John’s architectural prowess.


    Rough-In Dimension


    In the past, plumbers and homeowners had to leave approximately 12 inches between the closet flange’s center and drywall. However, things have changed a lot. Today, drywalls are thicker than they used to be a century ago.


    The lathe and the plaster are part of modern house construction. As such, the rough-in dimension has largely reduced. Therefore, homeowners are now free to determine their rough-in dimension, without necessarily following the conventional 12-inch distance.


    Because of the freedom, it is now possible to reduce the number of bolts used on any toilet installation. With freedom, however, there are limitations. The toilet performance is one of the limitations one may expect from neglecting the 12-inch conventional rough-in dimension.


    Subfloor and Closet Flange


    Just how badly is the floor beneath the toilet damaged? You will hardly know the extent of the damage of the subfloor until it is time to replace the toilet. In many homes, closet flanges may have deep recessions that are orchestrated by additional subfloor layers.


    Drainage pipes that connect the toilet to the sewer are also a factor when you want to replace the toilet. Some pipes may be in bad shape because of corrosion, leaks, or even worn out. if that is the case, chances of the cost of a completely new toilet may increase.


    You may seek the services of a mason to look at the current condition of the subfloor. If need be, the mason may recommend a reconstruction of the subfloor before you install the toilet. Whatever the case, such deficiencies may lead to the cost of the reconstruction and replacement of the toilet to shoot.


    Take a look at some of the latest architectural advancements with Indian essence that have a gist of modern touch. Inside the palatial home, there are new toilets that meet the latest technological, architectural, and plumbing standards. 



    Before you pull out or crash the old toilet, make sure you know a few things about the subfloor, toilet flange, and the footprint. It is important to do so because floors, toilets, and construction are different. 


    Conventionally, the floor is constructed to meet up with the toilet flange. However, this may differ from one mason to another. If this is the case, it becomes tricky to know the new product specifications if you planned to pull out the old toilet and replace it with a new one.


    Ideally, before you purchase a new toilet that you plan to install on the old one, you must know all the measurements. If you don’t do so, the chances of reconstructing the subfloor and the footprint are high. 




    Apparently, it will be in bad faith if you live in an apartment with warm earthly interior décor that has a leaking or malfunctioning toilet. Because a toilet is an essential part of any home, your options are limited. You need to repair or fix any problems that your toilet is facing. 


    However, there are times replacing a toilet is more convenient than calling a plumber several times to your home to fix recurring problems. The five points mentioned above will guide you when you finally decide to replace the toilet.

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