• Coto de Caza Pool Services: The Importance of Cleaning Your Pool

    As a pool owner, cleaning your pool is necessary to ensure that your clients will feel safe and comfortable when they swim. As a result, not only will you keep them satisfied, you also get to attract potential clients. Keeping your pool well-maintained with Coto de Caza Pool Services and with proper pool cleaning can prolong your pool’s life, and prevent the growth of bacteria. This means you won’t need pool repairs for now.

    Cleaning and brushing your pool on a regular basis is also important to maintain the beauty of your pool. This allows you to keep it great looking and relaxing. You can do it yourself, by spending at least 5 to 10 minutes every few days just brushing and cleaning your pool, or you can hire Coto de Caza Pool Services experts. Doing so will give you peace of mind that your clients are safe and are enjoying their stay in your pool or spa.

    Coto de Caza Pool Services: Why is Weekly Maintenance Important?

    In the pool/spa industry, the safety of the visitors should be the top priority. Is the water clean? Are the pool’s lights working at night? Is the equipment working properly? These are some of the questions you should always ask yourself. For you to be sure that your visitors are safe, you need to schedule a weekly pool/spa maintenance.

    What should this maintenance cover?

    1. Coto de Gaza Pool Services maintenance covers netting any debris off the pool’s water surface.  This ensures that the pool is clean and safe for your clients to swim.
    2. The maintenance also covers the brushing of the entire surface of the pool. This includes all the tiled areas.
    3. It also covers the manual brushing off any dirt or debris that hasn’t been removed yet by your cleaning system.
    4. Cleaning out the pump baskets and the skimmer is also included during the weekly maintenance.
    5. The weekly maintenance includes checking the filter pressure. Doing so will help determine if you need to perform cartridge cleaning or backwashing.
    6. It also includes testing the chlorine, pH, and Alkalinity levels of the water. This will determine if the water is safe for the skin.

    Coto de Caza Pool Services: How to Clean the Pool?

    If you’re going to clean your pool alone, you need to use a manual brush and a pool vacuum on all the areas of the floor and walls, at least once a week. Even if your pool has an automatic system, it’s never wrong to make sure your pool is clean and safe to swim. Besides, there are some places your automatic cleaning system may miss. Pay close attention to the corners, stairs, and other hard-to-reach areas that may not get enough circulation.

    Coto de Caza Pool Services: Why do You Need to Brush Your Pool?

    Brushing the pool is an important part of the initial pool cleaning process. However, even after cleaning it, it is still important to brush it occasionally to make sure you remove all the dirt that adheres to the floor and walls. If you’re doing it on your own, you can start at the top of the walls on the tile line, and then move your way down to the bottom of the pool.

    Be careful when you’re doing this and avoid scraping the bottom of your pool. The plastic edges of the brush you’re using may scrape the floor, so be gentle when using it. It may cause marking of the plaster. To do this perfectly, you need to use steady but firm strokes, and always brush the dirt toward the recirculating drain. Also, remember to overlap your brush strokes to get the best results.

    If you are looking for the easiest eat to maintain your pool or spa, you should look for Coto de Caza Pool Services companies. The experts will know what to do when it comes to pool and spa maintenance,  cleaning, and repair services.

    Why Should You Hire Coto de Caza Pool Services?

    Maintaining your pool or spa all by yourself may have its benefits. For one thing, you’ll be able to save hundreds of dollars in a year by going DIY. Another good reason is that it can be good to have a hobby that will keep you occupied. However, going this route can be too tiring. In fact, many other pool owners consider this job to be too laborious. Others just don’t have the time or the expertise to go through the cleanup process necessary to keep the pool in it’s best condition.

    What are the services you can get from Coto de Caza Pool Services?

    • Checking the pool or spa for its salt (if applicable), chlorine, pH, alkalinity, and TDS levels
    • Examining and turning the equipment on
    • Skimming or netting any debris on the surface of the pool’s water
    • Vacuuming the pool or spa bottom
    • Emptying the skimmer and the pump basket
    • Brushing the pool walls to prevent the build-up of bacteria and algae
    • Adjusting the equipment
    • Administering the chemicals needed to clean and maintain the pool and spa.

    While you think that hiring Coto de Caza Pool Services is expensive, you also need to think about the outcome of the services. It may cost some amount of money to have your pool professionally-cleaned, the benefits you will get from the services in return will totally balance out your expenses.

    What happens after pool services are provided?

    After Coto de Caza Pool Services are provided every week, a service technician will leave a card at your equipment. You’ll find this card useful, and it will give you the satisfaction, knowing that the pool/spa expert provided the correct services to your pool or spa during that week. On this card, you’ll find the chemical levels of your pool or spa. If you need to make any changes with the pool or spa equipment, then you’ll have to mark it, and discuss it with the pool/spa experts.

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