• 3BHK Traditional Styled Abode | Mitesh Antala And Janaki Hakani

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    3BHK Traditional Styled Abode | Mitesh Antala And Janaki Hakani


    This project features a strong culmination of ideas and the client’s field of interest and works into the concept of design.
    The client a couturier of Bridal attire has a high sense of style and a love for fabrics, prints and work details.

    Hence the design involved intricate detailing and a lot of exploration of fabrics, exclusively selected and custom made makes this home tastefully evolved into crafted spaces fulfilling to client’s satisfaction and out-looker’s gaze.


    Located in a posh, urban suburb, this apartment is a 4BHK converted into 3BHK Traditional styled abode of a 10 storied structure.

    Concept & Description 

    The main door opens to a highly customized artistically treated spacious apartment. The door itself is embellished with floral motifs, flanked by traditional niches to light lamps; reflecting the style to be found inside.

    Fact file

    Project – Residential apartment

    Location – Surat. Gujarat

    Designers name – Mr. Mitesh Antala, Ms. Janki Hakani

    Area – 2200 sq.ft.

    Project Completion date – October 2018

    Text – Shruti Vyash

    Photograph courtesy – The Fishy Project


    The vestibule welcomes one to a tranquil ambiance. Minimalism fused with traditional elements gives the space a timeless, classic feel. The foyer has a seating inspired from jhulla, tastefully redefined. All artwork in the house is customized keeping a unique quality intact.

    The grandeur continues down the living area, with an Italian marble flooring, running seamlessly in all areas and vertically across the longer back wall. A neutral colored space holds the exquisite pieces very well and gives a soft backdrop to the overall frame of vision.

    The Italian clad wall with carved wooden panels & brass flowers, customized by a local artist gives an expensive feel to space. The centre table holds attention by simplicity combined with the elegance of carved brass plate. A pop of color is introduced subtly by the plush leather sofa.

    The thamblis evoke a sense of art & style of tradition into the otherwise modern T.V panel unit. Luxury is felt in every corner of the home, be it with the light fixtures, automated curtains or the rich colored veneer, brass and marble finishes.

    The living area flows into the dining area with a table placed in the centre. The light fixture above the table takes centre stage. It is from this area that all other areas of the home, namely the bedrooms & kitchen are accessed. As soon as the gaze shifts from the table it falls upon the back panel which is also the feature wall of the entire space. It is captivating, intrinsic with a high sense of taste in art. The whole panel is designed taking inspiration from zarokha [ a carved wooden niche/opening ] framing selective fabrics of singular tone with stylized prints.

    This central area of the home also houses the temple/pooja space. The client is an expert himself has a love for traditional styles of art on fabric. Hence the backdrop selected for the mandir was a pichvai richly featuring the lord. The wooden thamblis rightly placed, frames the space.

    The kitchen fulfills the need for ample storage which is neatly hidden behind shutters that look like paneling done on a wall. Direct vision of the platform is restricted by a carved brass panel.

    The parents bedroom is done tastefully in a soothing color palette of soft tones. The walls are embellished with wallpaper reminiscent of the Moghul era, softly with lights concealed in a wooden belt. Kalamkari & Madhubani paintings hanging on the wall in the corner of the room add charm to space . The bed back is carved intricately with a framed fabric as its backdrop. Even the curtains are customized to a level of perfection with bougainvillea pattern running over it.

    The master bedroom covering a huge area of the floor plate is visually divided into 2 sections. One housing a long wall of louvered shutters of the wardrobe and plush sitting space with armchairs set against a backdrop of a richly crafted curtain. The other section has a bed. The back wall features richly decorated embellishment glowing softly with light. The wooden carved zarokha like frame having rich fabrics housed in between. It is a pleasant sight, the moment one enters the space. The two sections appear to be divided with wooden brackets of the shape and form of a peacock.

    Going ahead to the daughters’ bedroom, the wooden tones are maintained. A playful element is added to the ceiling which the daughter calls star gazing. Fiber optic lights are painstakingly installed in the ceiling giving the twinkling effect of a multitude of stars, with a shooting star.

    A double bed done in the style of a poster bed has a soft pink upholstery. Handcrafted wings in brass form the feature element of the room. Art is also injected in the curtains, with a fully customized illustration of a tree and animals. Ample space is left open for the toddler to move freely.

    The two bedrooms are connected internally by the dressing. The wardrobe has a richly printed fabric framed by glass and wooden shutters. The differently shaped mirrors add to the element of style and drama.

    Material Palette


    -Wood & wood carving panels


    -Customized fabrics



    -Italian stone

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