• Water Filtration – Install a Whole House Water Filter

    Water is an essential and crucial element for the survival of mankind. On average, a person drinks about 2 to 4 glasses of water every single day. However, doctors among other credited medical practitioners recommend that one drinks between 8 to 13 cups of waters daily. Apart from this, we rely on water for other basic and fundamental house chores vital to our survival including cooking and washing etc.

    Day after day, everyone is tirelessly looking and searching for new ways and techniques for improving their health. From working out to adopting and embracing new diets, the secret is being dedicated to the course. However, before looking beyond your comfort zone, you have to start with the basics. Are you confident that your drinking water is as clean as it should be? Is increasing the amount of water you take from your usual supplier doing more harm than good? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself.

    How this water gets contaminated

    Throughout its journey, water is susceptible and prone to contaminant exposure. Prior to and during collection, surface water is vulnerable to interactivity with pesticide and stormwater runoff, industrial waste and acid rain among several other contaminants.

    Additionally, public water sources collect both ground and surface water. Unfortunately, neither of these sources is isolated from interaction with various contaminants. On top of that, this water is further exposed to more contaminants during its treatment and even distribution to the public. This constant and consistent exposure to contaminants poses a significant challenge to the provision of safe drinking water to the community.

    Now, what is the solution to this crisis?

    It’s actually quite simple; installation of a water filtration system. For more details on the same, including the several different types of water filtration systems available, visit However, here is a brief overview of the same:

    What exactly is this water filtration?

    In the simplest terms possible, water filtration can be described as the process of filtering out any particles, pollutants or contaminants from water. Being a general term, water filtration can mean anything in place that removes sediment, chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals, and any other particles. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a purifier; so long as it features any kind of filter, it makes the cut as a filtration system.

    What are some of the health dangers posed by unfiltered water?

    While most people are conversant with the health risks of inhaling lead and asbestos among other contaminants, they still remain ignorant of the serious hazards posed by consuming contaminated water.

    Contaminants in drinking water pose a wide range of health hazards to anyone independent of their age. Some of the most serious complications that can be easily caused by:

    Lead includes;

    Physical and mental development impairments in children and infants

    Hearing damage and resulting in high blood pressure in adults etc.

    Asbestos includes;

    Facilitation of the development of different cancers including colon and mesothelioma cancer etc.

    To guarantee that you and all your loved ones are protected from such experiences, you have to ensure that a proper water filtration system is fitted and installed in your home.

    As much as there exist different types of water filtration systems available in the market depending on their design and functionality, of course, the best is the kind of filter that cleans all the water entering your home, or rather house. This type of filtration system is referred to as a Whole House Water Filter.

    Whole house water filter description

    Unlike other water filtration systems, a whole house water filter system has clean and filtered water delivered from every single water outlet inside your home. This includes all taps and showers. This type of system simply works by filtering water at the point it enters your home. By doing this, it guarantees clean and filtered quality water is consistently available throughout your home. This definitely gives you peace of mind as you no longer have to worry about any dangerous and irritating contaminants hovering around your home’s water system.

    Finally, you have to ensure that your whole house water filter is installed at the exact point water enters your home. If not so, it should be as close as possible to this point. To guarantee its efficiency, you have to ensure that the system is installed just before the water gets into your heater.

    In summary

    You have to keep in mind that your health and that of everyone you love is in your hands. You need to make a decision and start protecting and prolonging these lives!

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