2 bhk interior design

2 Bhk Interior Design | Studio 7 Designs

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2 Bhk Interior Design | Studio 7 Designs

minimal design with maximum utility as the senior citizen is going to use.the Ideas was to create a Layout which won’t hinder the elderly while doing the regular housework, supposing the maximum time spent would be in the house so, it has to appeal the end user.

The 2 Bhk Interior Design is well set for satisfying the needs, from the perspective of minimal and still much adorable, the material palette is much decent and not eye-popping, minimal ceiling design and furniture goes hand in hand.




project name:    jacranda apartment 3 vadodara.
size: 2bhk
design firm :   studio 7 designs, vadodara
design team: rajnysh, rashmika
location: Vadodara
photography: Tejas Shah

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