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Hoysala Village resort | MALNAD PALACE | JJ Associates
Hoysala Village resort | MALNAD PALACE

Hoysala Village resort | MALNAD PALACE | JJ Associates MALNAD PALACE: First look at this place gives one a surprising and curious idea of what would be experienced inside, whereas the interior space throws you a different experience altogether. Architecture & Style A vernacular style of architecture with the use of locally available materials exposed[Read More]

Colonial Minimalism Residential Bungalow | Flamingo Interiors

Colonial Minimalism Residential Bungalow | Flamingo Interiors, For an Ahmedabadi residential bungalow occupying 6000 square feet, Flamingo Interiors undertook a project with both, colonial and minimalistic ambitions. Furniture layout of the entertainment areas was designed with the perspective of freeness of movement. Focused transitions in spaces highlighted their individual purposes.   Vernacular interior design was[Read More]

Cave House | Within N Without

Cave House | Within N Without. From the architect. As the urban dweller tired from the stresses of everyday life, seeking rejuvenation, turns towards nature, his quest is to seek inner joy, unbound his energies to become one with the forces of nature.The chaos of city life drives a man to pursue the tranquility and search[Read More]

Tree Villa at Forest Hills | Architecture BRIO

TreeVilla at Forest Hills | Architecture BRIO From the architect. The Tree Villa perches on the cliff of a 160 acre hilltop ‘treesort’ property surrounded by a meandering river landscape. The idyllic setting in Tala on the West coast of India, is a stone’s throw away from the Kuda caves. Nearly 20 centuries ago, Buddhist monks instinctively understood[Read More]

Vernacular House has Rich Sense of Culture and Tradition | Studio PKA
Vernacular House in india

Vernacular House has Rich Sense of Culture and Tradition | Studio PKA From the architect. The Mango House is the physical manifestation of a quest to connect with the natural environment. The essence of design here is simplicity in thought and expression through the form, material and décor of the structure. The organic nature of construction[Read More]

Clay Roof Tiles House | Abin Design Studio

Clay Roof Tiles House | Abin Design Studio.It is a project for a luxury retreat with a rural, nature-inspired flavor. ‘Bonochhaya’ is an exclusive housing project themed around the heritage of Shantiniketan, which as a place, is a tribute to the legacy of Rabindranath Tagore. Built as the client Interaction zone for ‘Bonochhaya’, the experience[Read More]

Best Office Space of the Year | Sanjay Puri Architects

Best Office Space of the Year 2015 in India. Reservoir is the most recent office space project created by Sanjay Puri Architects in Rajasthan, India. This corporate office space is inspired from centuries’ old traditional architecture of the region. Reservoir Office Building won first prize at the World Architecture Festival (WAF) as the Best Office (Future) Building of the[Read More]

Koba house | Indigo Architects
Modern House Design

Indigo architects is a collaborative studio practice, headed by Mausami and Uday Andhare, supported by a team of young professionals. We follow an integrated design approach incorporating architectural design, landscape planning and interior design into its fold. The design process seeks to resolve the various paradoxes between client needs and affordability, site conditions and programmatic[Read More]

House placed below the crest | Architecture Brio

The Riparian House Karjat, Mumbai, India Year – 2015. Type – Residential, Landscape. Themes – Sustainability, Bamboo, Light, Green Roof. Status – Completed. The Riparian House is placed below the crest of a hillock at the foothills of the Ghats near Mumbai designed by architecture brio. The top of a vegetated roof merges with the top of the hillock, hiding the house while approaching.[Read More]

The brick house – istudioarchitecture

The brick house was much inspired by works of Laurie baker and Nari Gandhi Designed by I studio architecture. The spaces were designed in such a way that every of the room connects to the central open courtyard. beautiful play of jallis and arched openings allow light and the wind to penetrate inside. The entire[Read More]