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Experience the British colonial era

Experience the British Colonial Era recreated by Sanctuary Architects & Designers. The client’s brief was to re-create an experience of the by-gone British Colonial era. An era in the 18th century, when the British had a stronghold over our now Independent India. High cuisine and wine, garden parties, game hunting (shikar), archery and horse riding[Read More]

back in Time – Tejal Mathur

PALI BHAVAN-Tejal Mathur. No trappings of a royal haveli or majestic grandeur. But a well-curated nobleman’s home, lost in time somewhere in Mumbai where the doors were always open to welcome unannounced visitors, where the lady of the house ensured no one left without a thoughtful feast at her table, where generations of tradition wove[Read More]

The Goregaon Social – The Busride Design Studio

The old burnt down cathedral inside the church of Anti-Consumerism. We thought it’d be fun to insert this dark Masonic temple into a spankingly new modern Retail store facade, to heavy contrast with the generic modern high-end luxury store cliches.       Information / Photo credits : The Busride Design Studio      

K-start – hundred hands

K-start – hundred hands K-Start is an incubation hub – a space for different teams of entrepreneurs to work in an environment rich in stimuli, flexible enough to accommodate various team configurations and capable of hosting events, launches, discussions, etc. Right from the start our client was interested in commissioning site-specific art for space and[Read More]

Jalebiwala Restaurant – The Cross boundaries

Jalebiwala Restaurant – The Cross boundaries Empty spaces are the most wonderful to create. Jalebiwala Restaurant with an area of 2000 sq. ft. is located at Al-Karama, Dubai, one of the densely populated areas, catering to the need of sustainable space and serving appetizing cuisines of India The cozy interiors provide an interesting blend of[Read More]