• Imbued With Whites And Bright Palette, Cafe Koa Has A Serene Backdrop | The Crossboundaries

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    Can a coffee shop become a place of calm, community and collaboration? With this impetus in mind, the Crossboundaries collaborated with the founder-owners of ‘Koa’ – to design a fresh new cafe & eatery in Vadodara. Perched on the third floor overlooking the growing skyline of the city, Café Koa enjoys over 2000 sq. ft of indoor space, with spacious attached terraces. Imbued with whites and a bright palette, Cafe Koa has a serene backdrop washed with ample natural light.

    Seeking the essence of the Hawaiian word ‘Kamaina’ (‘m’ silent, ‘ain’ pronounced as ‘o’) which means “child of the land,” —‘Koa’ is a feeling of being rooted yet free. This translates into the interiors through a variety of small yet meaningful experiences; like free flowing swing-seats, reading corners and the wafting aroma of coffee.

    Imbued With Whites And Bright Palette, Cafe Koa Has A Serene Backdrop | The Crossboundaries

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    The cafe’s entrance is through a painted dark-green door, through which the visitor’s journey begins. As a metaphor for how quickly good times can pass inside the happy space of the cafe, an antique clock greets the visitor on the front door! Indeed, ‘Never a dull moment’, as the door reads. On the back panel of the door, a serviceable suggestion box is tucked in.

    A few structural modifications by the designers allowed a more visually transparent, free-flowing floor layout, with occasional glimpses of adjoining terraces. The seating area is spread across a hybrid open plan, peppered with an eclectic mix of seating options; high tables, cozy nooks and community tables for small groups.

    The low-ceiling and grid beam structure was used as a canvas on which an infinite loop with lighting fixture winds itself over the central seating area. This custom-crafted light fixture, made of thermocol and cast in resin & glass wool brings a sense of wonder and life to the space. The gentle curves of the lighting element are subtly reflected in the free flowing lines of art on the cafe walls.

    The gastronomic highlight of any cafe — the service counter and micro bar is an open, sleek and minimal design element. With a grey backdrop and embedded profile LED lights, the service touchpoint exhibits a minimal branding language, driving the focus on the beverage served.

    Across the open floor plan, one can choose amongst a plethora of seating options, clad in several vibrant colours from mustard, greys and teal blue. Especially for large groups of youngsters, lightweight cushioned chairs can be moved around to create a flexible, group-friendly seating…all while enjoying delicious coffee.

    A community table finished in seamless smooth micro crete breaks away from the monotony of seating, allowing a high bar stool option. A textured, grainy paint on the walls around the cafe is a subtle yet lightly tactile backdrop to the otherwise smooth, glossy material palette.

    Lush green plants, blooming from discrete planters add to the life, beauty and delight of cafe Koa. Furthermore, in signature The crossboundaries style, elements of art seamlessly blend into subtle branding elements. Texture dani paint on walls was used.

    A playful backdrop to the area with blue couches, a wall mural of coffee cups showcases the variety of coffees, with their proportionate ingredients. Splashed across wall surfaces, hand painted line-drawings of cups and coffee become a lively backdrop to conversations and calm evenings.

    The service counter and seating space open out into a sun kissed terrace, finished with an undulating seating along its edges in jet black granite. The terrace is an extended seating space, with weather-proof furniture, as well as an impromptu performance zone during cooler evenings. A seamless design detail of seating, parapet and platform together give a flexible, easygoing vibe to the terrace.

    On the other hand, beyond the lounge seating area, a cozy library with suspended hammock seats is an entrancing corner with multiple uses. With slender shelves which double up as a space partition, these horizontal and vertical lines in grey & black create an interesting interplay of visual transparency.

    In the otherwise off-white, neutral space, pops of colour through hammocks, seating and the grid of shelves is a welcome burst of vivacity. Carefully curated books, games and curios are a delightful accessory for those who wish to lounge on hammocks or indulge in a friendly group activity.

    Adjacent to this space, a compact terrace lets in light and space to unwind. One can enjoy a coffee, perched on a smooth-finished bar table.

    During mellow evenings, the cafe hosts music performances and pop-up events, made vibrant by its minimal yet relaxing atmosphere. In a serene backdrop, subtle textures and splashes of colour come together to create the magic of Koa!

    Fact File

    Designed by : The Crossboundaries

    Project Type : Restaurant / Bar / Café Design

    Project Name : KOA Café

    Location : Vadodara, Gujarat

    Principal Architect : Harsh Boghani

    Design Team: Rishabh Prajapati, Vijay Dabhi, Neel Patel, Shailesh Boghani, Akshat Barve & Harsh Boghani

    Photograph Courtesy : Cross Clicks

    Text : Niharika Joshi

    Client : Jaideepsinh Jhala

    PMC : Saurin Bhattiya

    Firm’s Website Link : The Crossboundaries

    Firm’s Instagram Link : The Crossboundaries

    Firm’s Facebook Link : The Crossboundaries 

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