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The City Sign “My Dubai” by Apical Reform

The City Sign by Apical Reform In January 2012 Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, launched the social media hashtag #MyDubai, inviting the Emirate’s residents and visitors to write the social media biography of the city. Since then, across the various social media platforms, countless pictures and videos have[Read More]

Organically Shaped Plywood Shelves

The designer’s description The Ply Shelves are an apparently simple design, which is more complicated under the surface. Resembling the conventional wall mounted bracket shelf system, this design morphs these separate entities into a singular, yet variable thickness shelf. The brackets are spaced at sixteen inches on center in order to align with wall studs. Between these[Read More]

A Perfect Working Desk for Artist | Workbench | Laura Mrkša

The idea for this project was conceived while reflecting on handicraft and its re-emergence in modern times. The first workbenches were designed in accordance with the requirements of small manufacturers, but today they are created in response to a new lifestyle which cherishes handcraftsmanship as something worth experiencing. They are often associated with jewelry making,[Read More]

D’LIGHT : Kinetic Lighting -Transformable Lampshade

D’LIGHT : Kinetic Lighting -Transformable Lampshade Designer: ID+IM Design Laboratory + D’LIGHT: Your very first personal kinetic lighting A light is the one of the important element which contributes the atmosphere of the space. It’s no secret that light have an impact on our feelings and state of mind. D’LIGHT, a modern table lamp with[Read More]


METALLIC CHAIR DESIGN Form Designer: In this project I have used folding paper language that is translated to a sharp and clear metal folding. I wanted to create, through a minimum number of folds, a three dimensional structure that cradles the human body. The cold feeling of the metal has captured me and therefore it[Read More]

Let The Light Art Speak
Light Art

Transform your home with beautiful decor and incredible scenes using LIFX Tile. Bring your rooms to life with ambient light art, moving scenes, themes and effects. LIFX Tile is amazing for living areas, bedrooms and can be placed to create unique experiences almost anywhere in your home. Connects to your Wi-Fi without a hub and[Read More]

Eduard Locota’s DelMare Collection is Contemporary Furniture Inspired by Nature

Designer Eduard Locota has just released a preview of his new 2017 DelMare collection. Building off the success of his marble and acrylic glass table, DelMare, the Romanian designer has created a collection of sculptural furniture that pays homage to the sea.   All pieces from the DelMare collection are available for purchase via Locota’s website.   Wave Lounge is an artistic seat[Read More]

STRESS lighting collection that takes inspiration from the shape of a bubble

STRESS lighting collection that takes inspiration from the shape of a bubble. Israeli designer Ohad Benit has created the STRESS lighting collection that takes inspiration from the shape of a bubble being blown through a ring. The collection, which includes a pendant light, floor lamp and table lamps, uses a simple brass rod with a glass bubble-like[Read More]