• The City Sign “My Dubai” by Apical Reform

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    The City Sign by Apical Reform

    In January 2012 Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, launched the social media hashtag #MyDubai, inviting the Emirate’s residents and visitors to write the social media biography of the city.
    Since then, across the various social media platforms, countless pictures and videos have been shared using the metadata tag. Each post tells a unique story of the Dubai experience.
    The progressive design studio Apical Reform visualises the Emirate’s vibrant spirit and its emotional bond with residents and visitors through a new interactive public sculpture, inspired by and named after the social media movement.
    Delivering a definitive image of Dubai to the world, ‘MY Dubai’ is the latest chapter in the established traditions of large-scale city sign sculptures evidenced in iconic cities across the world.
    Located in the heart of Dubai Design District – the city’s purpose-built creative hub – the installation will interact with its surroundings and the people, offering photo-ops to visitors. It will also serve as a landmark for buskers and street performances.
    The design of the installation blends the innovative attitude of Dubai with its natural landscape.
    Each alphabet is extruded into the third dimension using stringent Parametric Design formulae. Then, each layer is composed by hand to represent the ripples on the surface of a sand dune.
    Manifested in a colour inspired by the UAE Flag, ‘MY Dubai’, the city sign is a new emblem of Dubai and a cherished part of the Emirate’s urban fabric.




    Founded in 2011, Apical Reform is a collaborative design studio dedicated to creating immersive experiences led by progressive design and innovation in production technology.
    From designing collectable furniture to bespoke design-art pieces and large format public installations, in five short years, the studio has found a definitive creative voice.
    Founder Amrish Patel and Design Director Darshan Soni lead a group of forward-thinking creative minds to make an honest inquiry into how design intervention can transcend the mundane into extraordinary experiences. The award-winning designer Anna Szonyi represents Apical Reform in the UAE. She also serves as Director of AR Gallery, Apical Reform’s new venue dedicated to pioneering design at Dubai Design District.


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