Why You Should Get a Pest Inspection Done Before Closing on a Property Sale

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Much as you dislike them, it is close to impossible to keep your house completely free of pests. Rather than prospective buyers walking out of the deal at the last minute, it is better to get the premises inspected for pests and have the situation rectified for not only a smoother sale process but also a better price realization.

The Difference between Pest Inspection and Home Inspection 

When a sale has been contracted, typically it is subject to the findings of the home inspection that will identify hazards, major defects, and safety issues and may even recommend that specialists take a closer look at problems that seem to be serious. However, most home inspections cover pest infestation in a rather limited manner. While some home inspection companies may offer to conduct pest inspections as a bundled service, it is to be appreciated that checking for infestation and undertaking pest control services are specific skills that most home inspection companies do not tend to have. If you want to be sure, then the job should be undertaken by a company that specializes in pest inspection.

Is a Pest Inspection Compulsory?


A pest inspection does not need to be done before the sale is closed on a property and different states impose different rules regarding its applicability. However, increasingly many lenders are insisting that the inspection is done before the financing is approved. Because buyers want complete peace of mind, they are also demanding a pest inspection to be done particularly if the home inspection report identifies any concern. Sellers can choose to get the Melbourne Building & Pest inspection done before putting the property on the market for realizing a better price and give prospective buyers more confidence in the asset.

What Does a Pest Inspection Cover? 

The inspection agency checks the interior and exterior of the property for signs of infestation, potential areas attractive to pests, and signs of damage by pests. Typical signs that indicate the presence of pests include piles of twigs, mud tubes, damaged or moist wood, gnawed wiring, buckled or bubbling paint, droppings, wood powder, etc. they will specially lookout for termite infestation because of their potential to cause huge damage to wooden frames that can compromise the structural integrity of the house. According to https://money.cnn.com, it can cost thousands of dollars to get rid of termites depending on the severity of the infestation. Inspectors will also watch out for pests specific to your area like fire ants, rats, or even rattlesnakes. The inspector will also advise whether pest control has to be done regularly because, with certain treatment like that of termites or bedbugs, repeated treatment is necessary for complete eradication. You will also be able to know of several DIY methods like caulking, blocking of exterior openings, vacuuming, draining standing water, garbage disposal, and cockroach control.


Given a large number of potential pests and the potential for expensive damage, pest inspection and control is best left to the experts. A professional job is a stamp of your intention to offer the best value to the potential buyer of your property, which does wonders for their confidence.


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