Why You Need Frameless Glass for Your New Home?

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You have really exhausted all your options in improving the aesthetics of your new home, but you’re not sure about some details, are you? Perhaps your home needs that extra touch to really make it what you imagined it to be. Well, while you’re wondering what’s missing, we teamed up with NanaWall to introduce you to the pristine Frameless Glass Walls of NanaWall.This just might be what you were looking for!

How Are Frameless Glass Doors Different From What You Already Have?

1.Single Track Flexibility

NanaWall can virtually redesign any pristine glass door to fit the structure of your home. The Single Track Frameless system of our products will really take your crib to the next level.

2.Open Corners

Along with our products’ Single Track Flexibility, we also offer frameless systems that can create as many open corners as you wish for. Do you wish to have a single unit of frameless glass doors that enters different vicinities in your home? Wish granted!

3.Swinging Doors That Really Perform

The frameless systems offered by NanaWall also provide swinging doors that are commercially rated. In simple terms, you wouldn’t find such performance anywhere else without breaking more than just sweat.


Products to Choose From

1.Aluminum Single Track Sliding

The HSW75

This product is an all-glass, individual panel sliding system. All the frameless glass will be on a single track and you will find that you have limitless flexibility with their layout. Somewhat like a stackable and customizable frameless glass divider in your home.

The PrivaSEE

Quite like the previous, but this product takes it up a notch. The single track, frameless glass sliding system here has been uniquely engineered to provide homeowners with soundproofing. Do you want to know how well they work? Well, their sound privacy has been rated with an STC of 36.

The ClimaCLEAR

This product is completely transparent and provides homeowners with complete structural security. What’s more? These products have been designed with a weather system which is perfect for the large openings of your home.

The WhiteOUT

With the WhiteOUT, you can really have that extra something in your home. Forget the cherry; this is the diamond on top of the cake. The WhiteOUT uses the best dynamic glass available out there to provide you with a frameless glass opening wall system – the first of its kind! This, however, isn’t even the best part. This frameless glass system can be switched from transparent to opaque with a single touch of a button. Instantaneous privacy.

2.Aluminum Single Track Folding

The FSW75

This product is just like the HSW75 sliding system, but instead offers homeowners with a folding system for uniform sightlines. It’s simply a matter of preference really.

The CSW75

You may have noticed how all our products compete with each other. Well, this product offers you a folding system with a center pivot system and no floor tracks. In simple words, your glass door can be folded onto the side in a zig-zag of pivots and can also be stretched open to form one straight glass wall. A genius solution for flexible space management isn’t it?

3.Aluminum Sliding Pivot

The SL25

The SL25 is an all-glass sliding system on a single panel and single track. It will come with no stiles and will have plain aluminum frames and rails. It’s simple, yet elegant.

Can It Get Any Better?

These Products Are Completely Structurally Sound

You may be wondering that these products may be delicate and aren’t safe for homes with children, pets, or even forced entries. Well, you should know that all of these products have gone through the latest quality testing through AAMA standards for forced entry and wind loads.

The All Glass Aesthetics

If all glass is your thing or would really love to have it in your home, the frameless products of NanaWall have a wide range of products and styles that will beautifully complement all glass designs.

Ten Year Warranty

All of NanaWall’s products have been engineered in Germany and we offer our customers a ten-year warranty on all our rollers.


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