• Adding Glass Doors To A Cabinet

    The glass is a truly unique material. Not only is it elegant and beautiful, but also it gives reflective properties. It is also much easier to keep clean and just gives off a modern appearance. This is probably why more and more homeowners are opting to add a glass door to their kitchen cabinets. Maybe you are on the fences about making the transformation. Well, if so you should know that the project is fairly simple and doesn’t require that many specialty tools. In fact, this step-by-step will walk you through the entire process.

    Get Your Materials Together


    It is best to go ahead and gather everything needs for the job ahead of time. And, there is a list of everything that you are going to need: clamps, cordless drill, router with a ½ inch router bit, utility knife, pliers, glass clips, and the decorative glass. Whether you are looking for shower doors in NJ or a piece of glass for your beautiful cabinets, you can easily find what you need as long as you know where to look.

    Removing The Doors


    Once you have all your materials gathered, you can now dive right into the project. You want to start by removing the old doors from the cabinets. Be sure to remove all the hardware like the hinges and handles from the doors as well. Now, flip the door over and examine the back of them for any tiny nails. These nails will destroy your router bit during the cutting process. You will probably have to take the utility knife and gouge away some of the wood to gain access to the nail head. Once the nail is exposed you can pull it out with the pliers.

    Cutting Out For The Glass


    You now need to clamp router guides to the backside of the door and draw out the pattern for the piece of glass. This will hold the door in place while you are cutting out the pattern. Just remember to set the router to the right cutting depth. The idea is you want the bit to just touch the panel. This will give the glass a lip to rest on. Once you have the pattern cut off remove the cutaway panel from the frame.

    Setting The Glass


    Now, all you simply need to do is set the glass in the cutout pattern of the door. It should sit firmly in. If it doesn’t fit do not try to force it, because there is a good chance that you will break the glass or injure yourself. If the glass doesn’t fit all you have to do is pull the router back out and trim away at the cabinet door a little more. However, if you traced out the exact pattern of the glass on the back of the door, you shouldn’t have a problem getting the glass to fit the first time around.


    At this point, you are ready to lie in the glass and attach the clips with your wood screws and a cordless drill. If you do experience any rattling with the glass, you can easily add some blobs of hot glue to adhere the glass to the wood. The Wood adhesive also works well.

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