Why Java Moss Is Perfect for Your Home Aquarium

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Not every one of us is a cat or dog lover some of us find aquatic mammals truly adorable and hence we bring them home and to keep them growing in their natural environment we also arrange for an aquarium for them. There are many things that need to be done in order to make the aquarium appear realistic and comfortable for you water animals, java moss one of such thing.

Keeping your tank clean is important, especially if you own koi. This is because koi are very sensitive to their environment so it’s important that you take care in designing your tank. This is because koi are omnivores who need both plants and meat in order to thrive which leads to a lot of waste. Filters such as an oase pond filter are a great way to keep your aquarium clean.

It is basically a plant which can be easily grown in fresh water. It is proved that this particular plant is very beneficial for all of your water mammals including varieties of fishes or any other water animal. It is said that having this plant in your aquarium is a must if you want to give your water animal a better life.

Here is a little important information as well as benefits of this plant that you need to know in case you are also planning to have a freshwater aquarium in your home:


It helps in converting all the toxins present in the aquarium water as well as the heavy metals present into the water into some safe organics. Polluted water or water containing loads of toxins in them makes it hard for water animals to survive in the water moreover most of us go for oceanic mammals or saltwater mammals for our home aquarium but we provide them with fresh water which is not that suitable for them because they are habituated in salt water.

This plant makes it a bit easy as well as safe for them to survive in fresh water. It also maintains oxygen level in the water, this statement cannot be denied that every living mammal needs to inhale oxygen for being alive and same goes with water animals; they too need oxygen in order to stay alive. It is true that oxygen is present in the water and that is the reason that fishes survive in water bodies only, water mammals have special gill which helps them to take oxygen from water but oxygen level in water bodies such as ocean, sea, lake, ponds etc are maintained by various plants present there which our freshwater aquarium always lacks in but with the help of this plant maintaining oxygen level is no more a problem as it naturally balances out the amount of oxygen that needs to be present in the aquarium by absorbing the carbon dioxide released by the mammals.

It provides space for your small shrimps or fishes so that they can hide there, it is not necessary to have just small fishes in one tank rather it is being observed that most of the aquarium owner put many kinds of mammal, small as well as big mammals all together in one single tank through most of them do not eat each other but that doesn’t mean they won’t scare each other.

It is being observed that most of the big mammals scare as well as chase small fishes as well as shrimps but this plant would make them feel safe as it would let all those small mammals hide behind it and at times fishes can even consume it when they would feel hungry and by any chance short of food. This plant is 100 percent safe for mammals so it won’t harm them in any way if mammals would eat its leaves.

Java moss is thus preferred especially if you have small fishes as well as shrimps in your fish tank. Unlike other water plants, this plant is easily available in the market and can easily be grown in the fresh water without any difficulties.

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