Why Are Architects Necessary?

If you’ve ever watched Christopher Nolan’s movie “Inception”, then you not only know it’s an intriguing film, but you also will have realized that architects have rather distinct ways of thinking. Many might find their perspective to be a bit ‘out there’, even somewhat odd, but also occasionally quite genius. From the smallest design details to the biggest construction features possible, architects must consider everything when they are laying out their plans for the construction workers.

From the Burj Khalifa, standing taller than any other building in the world in Dubai, to London’s distinct Gherkin building, every structure has some magical touch of their architect present. As a matter of fact, aside from some sheds and barns way out in the country, nearly every building you’ll ever see in your life was planned and designed by some architect or another. You could wind up working on some of the most historical or even futuristic buildings all around the world.

Many architects eventually wind up being self-employed, although most of them start their careers working in larger businesses or private practices. Some even get employed by the government. These folks get quite involved in the restoration of public structures or the construction of others. Architects also are necessary for the proper planning permissions for building restorations, extensions, and the like. If you are considering a career as an architect read more from Atkins Global on starting your career.


What skills and qualifications does someone need to go into the field of architecture?

If you want to be a professional architect, then you would need an architecture degree. You would also need to apply to your local architectural organization. The whole thing can take six or seven years, with most of it being education before getting a few years of professional experience.

Architecture university or college courses can be really competitive and hard to get into. Many educational establishments mandate an interview prior to student acceptance. It’s also crucial to establish and then build up a robust portfolio of your sketches, designs, models, and work, once you know that you’d like to go after a career in architecture. This will put your drawing style on display and prove one of the easiest and most effective means of showcasing your talent.

In addition to your college or university degree, you’ll also need great math and IT skills. You’ll also have to be capable of working well with a large team.

You’ll also need effective communication skills since you’ll spend quite a bit of time consulting with clients, builders, colleagues, bosses, and construction workers.


What exactly do architects do?

In terms of working on new buildings, the role of architects starts with helping contractors pick the best possible building location. Then, you’d be involved in all that goes on with overseeing new structure or building construction. Early on, it’s mainly about the production of models and sketches, as well as working out the measurements and other various guidelines that construction teams and builders will need.

Your time is then going to focus on working with surveyors, builders, and clients to make sure that each detailed feature of the structure or building is efficient, safe, and functioning as well as it possibly can.

A typical assumption is that if something works out in a model or on a small scale, then it should work out perfectly at any size. This is why you typically see smaller-scale models of museums, buildings, and football stadiums prior to the real thing being built. They aren’t playing around with toys, as it’s actually a crucial step to take. If buildings are things that excite you, from cozy homes to might skyscrapers, then you should consider whether or not the field of architecture is right for you. A career in this field might just build the foundation of your own future.

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