When Do You Fertilize Trees?

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Apart from making the environment beautiful, trees are vital for the climate. They work as carbon monoxide filters, and they also pull rain. Trees outlive most people, and they continue to live for centuries benefitting both the environment and the people living in it. If you have lived in a compound full of trees, you are fortunate. They provide shade during the summer and protect you from the cold winds of winter. Lastly, these give a calming presence and make compost for your yard.

If you want your trees to remain healthy, they need, among other things, adequate water and sunshine. They also need to be pruned regularly and treated whenever they get attacked by insects. Like all other plants, your trees also need nutrients to grow and remain healthy, which is why you will also need to fertilize them regularly with Long Beach expert tree care service 

Do you need to fertilize your trees?

The idea of fertilizing trees may either seem foreign or strange to most homeowners. You might also wonder why it is necessary to fertilize your yard trees if the forest trees grow naturally without fertilizers. 


The forest trees are constantly getting nutrients from the leaves and matter decaying on the forest floor. However, this is not the case for the trees in your yard, which is why it is necessary to fertilize them. Different trees have different nutritional requirements, and these nutrients need to be added at varying times. 

When should you fertilize your trees?

Fertilization is used to maintain trees as well as increase their resistance to injury by insects and diseases. You should only add fertilizers if there is an indication of some nutritional deficiencies from soil tests. Additionally, you can add fertilizer to stimulate tree growth if you notice declining growing conditions such as undersized leaves resulting from insect attacks. 

You should not fertilize your trees if you have just planted them or if they have root damage. Roots need to be established or re-established before any fertilizers can be added. It would be best if you fertilized them in early spring and late fall, early May, or late April when the trees are dormant. If you have different types of trees in your yard, they will also have different fertilization needs.

1.Fruit trees

The proper amounts of fertilizers are necessary for your trees to produce healthy fruit. Because a minor soil imbalance can alter your fruit’s quality, it is essential to carry out a soil test before you proceed to add your fertilizer. Your tree uses up a lot of energy to produce good fruits. To maintain the health of this tree, use nitrogen fertilizer. Moreover, it is a good idea to apply a foliar spray of Zinc annually.

2.Evergreen trees

If you have evergreen trees in your yard, you will have noticed that they don’t grow very fast, especially if you have recently transplanted them. The easiest way to tell if your trees need a fertilizer dose is if the needles have a pale color or if the tree fails to flower. The best fertilizer for your evergreens is one that contains phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. 

When you take care of your trees, they will repay you by bringing beauty to your yards for seasons years to come. Ensure That you prune them, stake them, water them, and most importantly, fertilize them to promote healthy growth.


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