• What To Expect When You Are Having An Inground Pool Installed?

    What To Expect When You Are Having An Inground Pool Installed?

    The idea of having an indoor pool is more than just exciting. Just thinking about the relaxing times, you can have with family and friends during the summer is enough to make you install that pool right now.

    However, getting the pool into the ground is not just about digging a hole and filling it with water. Several things need to happen, and the process will be less frustrating if you know what’s coming.  So, here is what to expect when you are having an inground pool installed.


    Find The Right Contractor

    The first step of the process is getting the right pool company in Tampa Florida for the job. Naturally, you are not just going to hire the first contractor you come across, meaning you are going to receive several bids.

    Use the experience, reputation, and competitive prices of the contractors putting in offers, because the one you choose has to make sure all the permits are in place before the construction can start.


    Decide On The Type Of Swimming Pool As Well As Design

    The second phase involves settling on the type of inground pool you want. Here are the most common choices for inground pool installation.


    Concrete (Plaster/Aggregate Finish) -Concrete was used at the beginning when residential in-ground pools were installed, and it still is very popular today. Its popularity is based on factors like the durability and longevity.


    Concrete With Alternative Finish -With alternative finishes, you are still using concrete. But the surface material of the pool can be any number of things, like stone and tile.


    Fiberglass -Fiberglass pools are not usually the best choice in terms of custom pool choices. This is because they are made into predetermined shapes from which you can choose. In other words, if you choose a fiberglass pool, then expect a big truck to stop at your home, carrying the complete pool which is to be placed in the hole.


    Vinyl -Lastly, you can choose to go with a vinyl pool. Unlike the concrete alternative, vinyl pools are built above ground and then lowered into the hole. And unlike the fiberglass alternative, they can be used for custom designs.


    After choosing the type of inground pool you want, it is time to move onto the next part of the installation.


    The Excavation

    It’s important to understand that installing an inground pool is going to leave your yard in quite a state for a few days. And it starts with the excavation.

    Depending on the size of the pool, the design, soil, and several other factors, the digging of the hole usually lasts about 1 to 2 days. This also means that big trucks and equipment will be coming and going from your premises.



    The Framing

    The framing phase is not going to be quick, given that a lot needs to happen during this time. To give you some idea of what’s waiting, here is what the framing process involves:

    – Shaping or placing the pool surface depending on the choice you made


    – Next comes the rough plumbing, which will see the contractor digging all the trenches for the pipes and connecting them


    – Getting the electrical system is going to be the next step, and this includes things like the lights inside the pool


    – Lastly, the contractor will finish the framing around the pool, such as the walkways.How long this is going to take will once again depend on the variables involved. For instance, with gunite or shotcrete, there is 7 to 10-day period where you have to hose down the pool shell. There is also 1 to 2 days that should be set aside for the rough plumbing and electrical installations.

    The most accurate time frame you are going to get is going to be from the contractor you ultimately hire.


    The Finishing Process

    Finally, the installation part comes to a close through the finishing process. Shells and linings are installed, as well as all the extras you wanted with the pool from the start. These include coping, decking, and simply making the pool area a more pleasant place.

    More importantly, the pool is going to be filled with water, making all the money, planning and effort worth it.


    The Challenges You Face

    Make no mistake; your yard is bound to look like a war zone for several days. And all the work that’s going on while you try to function won’t be pleasant. But it’s a small price to pay when you think about the years of fun you and your family can enjoy the poolside.

    Now that you have a better idea of what to expect when you are having an inground pool installed, it’s time to take a quick look at the possible challenges that will no doubt be waiting.


    Finding The Right Contractor-  Your first big problem is going to be finding the right people for the job. And prioritizing prices over quality workmanship can cost you dearly down the line. Thus, use every resource you have to only consult with reputable companies in your area.


    Sticking To The Budget- Just like when you buy a car, the people selling you the pool are going to offer extras. Unfortunately, too many extras and getting impulsive can turn your pool into an expense you can’t afford. Instead, establish exactly what you want and what can fit into your budget.


    Planning The Installation- Given that the installation is going to take a few days to complete, getting time to oversee the proceedings can be difficult.


    Safety And Precautions- It’s not pleasant to think about, but if you have children or pets, you have to take their safety into account first. Will the pool area be unreachable without the proper supervision?


    Choosing The Right Pool- Lastly, think hard about the type of pool you are choosing. More specifically, get a detailed list regarding the pros and cons of each pool choice. As mentioned earlier, concrete is common and popular, but fiberglass pools are popular too. Make an objective comparison before giving the go-ahead for the installation.


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