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    We often think about renovating a house. There are times when we need a little extra space in our homes. We may also consider repainting the old walls with a tint of freshness and trend. Also, we come to realise that it’s time to refurbish a house when it has been more than a decade since its construction. In addition to that, living in a house with dark, heavy sofas and chairs would consume more space.

    Renovating a House
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    Living with the trend and developing a modern taste in the furnishings would be the first step to renovating a house. In the process of renovating a house, changing the furniture and textures is necessary. Hence, it is advisable to make some affordable improvements that can add value to your home and maximise the living space.

    Getting started with your house makeover can be a tedious process. Hence, to make it a little easier or formulate the process, there are a few steps that one must follow.

    1. Reasons For Renovation

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    When one thinks of renovating a house there can be multiple factors that have to be identified which are the mandatory reasons to start the renovation. For example,

    Age of the building or Time of construction when a building is more than a decade old it faces issues with its construction in terms of materials and their maintenance. It can have issues with the spaces it has in terms of their sizes and looks.

    Expansion of spaces with time some needs to expand in a house. Either the members have increased or the requirements have grown which demands an expansion of the house, adding up floors or rooms in a building, extending slabs, building a toilet, etc.

    Maintenance of buildings with time there are issue that we all face in a home. These problems come with the basic materials used in the construction. For example, the pilaster of the building, wood swelling, leakage, plumbing pipes, corrosion of grills, etc.

    Aesthetics of the house with trends changing daily nowadays the looks of the house decide the taste of the people living in it. Hence, changes in furniture, paints, and decorations become mandatory for the renovation of the house.

    2. Budget For The Renovation

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    The next step in the renovation is making a budget for the overall work. When one considers constructing or modifying spaces in a home, the money factor is necessary. This determines the type of material one would be able to use in the renovation. Also, it can determine the amount of overall work to be done.

    3. Hiring An Architect Or A Designer

    Renovating a House
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    It is important that one consult an architect or an interior designer for the renovation of the house. This is because they would give their expert opinion, which would help guide the formulation of the project. Then the architect would decide the sequence of the work, such that the work is executed in a particular order.

    4. Design And Planning

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    After hiring an architect, the next step is to finalise the designs of the rooms, furniture, and any construction of slabs or floors. Every aspect of the design must be considered while planning so that it doesn’t hinder the process of execution. Once this aspect is covered, the timeline for completion of the project will be determined.

    5. Preparing A Timeline

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    Renovating a house can turn into a very hectic and tedious process if not managed properly. Hence, it is of utmost importance that one decides the time frame of the complete project. Once the order of work is planned, the time can be estimated by consulting with the architect and contractors assigned to the work. This time frame of the project would guide one through the different stages of the renovation.

    6. Site Preparation and Demolition

    Renovating a House
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    Renovation calls for two things: either deconstructing or adding to what already exists. Both of these things demand that the site be prepared in different ways as planned by the contractors for the project. This step is the foremost one needed to begin the renovation. For example, there are scaffoldings to be added for the support of construction and mattresses to be placed over the floors if there is ceiling work. Along with this, the work of demolishing any space or element of the house has to be done in the beginning.

    7. Expansion of Spaces

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    The next work that has to be done while renovating a house is the addition of new spaces. These spaces can be the addition of any room in the existing house or the construction of additional floors.

    8. Reconstructing The Roof Or Slab

    Renovating a House
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    If there are changes that have to be made to the roof of the house, that has to come first. While planning the work, this would be first on the list so that it does not spoil the other walls, floors, and furniture afterwards. Also, if the slab pilaster is damaged, it might be a risky factor for the house that must be addressed first. The damaged slabs can be pilastered inside the house, while the extended slabs can be demolished and reconstructed under the inspection of a contractor.

    9. Changing The Floors

    Renovating a House
    Adding The Floors (Image Credits: Luke Duggleby)

    There are a number of reasons to change the floors while renovating the house. While the look can be the foremost reason for consideration, other reasons like damaged floors due to moisture, cracks, or termites are equally responsible for the change. Hence, this step comes right before one starts any further process. The floors that are damaged due to termites have to be treated first, and then new flooring will be placed. If anyone is changing the look of the floor, there is no need to reconstruct the whole thing. These plans for what to do with the flooring will be discussed with the designers and contractors.

    10. Redecorating The Walls

    Renovating a House
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    Walls are one of the main elements in a house that determine the overall feel and look of the space. The walls, with time, face a lot of issues of cracks and leakages that spoil the look and even make them weaker. In the process of renovation, one must figure out the reason for the damage, repair it first, refine the construction, and then come to the steps of redecorating it with paints or textures.

    11. Refurbishing The Furniture

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    One can either refurbish the old furniture according to the design or make new ones out of different materials. While making furniture, one should always consider the shelf life of the material to be used. It must be a piece that doesn’t need much maintenance or lives longer. Today, there are a lot of options for making one piece of furniture that could be customised according to one’s needs.

    12. Repainting Or Painting The House

    Renovating a House
    Painting Afresh (Image Credits: CertaPro Painters)

    This step is usually the last of all the work, as it is the work that needs a clean atmosphere to work in. Painting a house has to be done after all other furniture work, construction, and repairs have been done. The reasons for changing or repainting can be the wall damage, the trendy look, or the change of furniture. Also, when there are a lot of textures and colours available on the market, one is tempted to give their homes a new, fresh look.

    13. Stylising The House

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    The last and final step while renovating a house is adding antiques and cutlery to the scene. For example, after a sofa is made, the choice of fabrics and seats comes into play. The windows must be decorated with the proper colour and pattern of curtains. The choice of pots over the centre table complements the look of the space. The choice of paintings or murals over the walls makes a huge impact on the feel of the space. The types of lights used, either the ceiling-fixed lights or the hanging decorative lights, have an effect on the mood of the place.

    5 Major Challenges While Renovating A House

    The above steps define the process to begin planning to renovate a house and execute it according to a certain formulation of work orders. Further, we all know that planning and execution include a lot of challenges until the stage of completion. There are certain challenges that one can face while renovating a house. As a result, tacking these challenges into execution could always delay the work process.

    1. Water Leakage

    Renovating a House
    Curing The Damage (Image Credits: Package Pavement)

    A major issue is when the point of leakage is through the plumbing lines buried in the walls of the main spaces. In order to resolve this issue, one must hire a water-proofing consultant who can identify the leakage spot and seal the damage.

    2. Wood Swelling

    Effect of the Weather (Image Credits: Dallas Fortworth Flooring)

    It happens on site in the rainy season. Many times, the wood used in partition sand wall decor catches the weather effect, which makes the surface swell and increase in size. As a result, the surfaces are deformed when the work is still unfinished. Hence, when such an issue occurs during the renovation, one needs to treat the surface with certain machines and expertise. Also, during such seasons, the wooden surfaces must be properly covered without much contact with the sun.

    3. Termites And Mould

    Termite Infestation (Image Credits: Griggs & Browne)

    The building may also get damaged due to the mould or growing termite infestation, which thrives in moist conditions. Hence, in such situations, one must get rid of the termite-infested wood. One can go for a pest control process in the house before the renovation.

    4. Cracks In The Foundations

    Foundation Cracks (Image Credits: DIY Chatroom – Home Improvement)

    This happens in houses where water is stored or logged in the grounds for a longer period of time. The storage of water in the foundation of the building can develop cracks in the building. One must appoint a structural engineer to identify the problems faced during the renovation.

    5. Old Electrical Connections

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    This issue is faced as the old wiring cannot take the load of the new appliances, such as geysers, ac, ovens, mixtures, etc. Since old connections are hazardous and can be a cause of fire, it is advisable to hire an electrical consultant. Also, change all the old switch boards and insert the new ones according to the load distribution and calculation.

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    Renovating a house is the need of the hour. The ever-changing trend of styles tempts one to infuse the styles into their houses. Also, the flourishing market is now developed with the use of technology in the materials. While renovating a house, people have more requirements for the expansion of spaces along with the fresh new tints of paint and textures. Hence, renovating a house, despite being a complex process, is mandatory. Addressing the needs of the surroundings and identifying the formulation of this process can make it easier.

    Content Writing And Research By: Ar. Rajeshwari Pandya Modi

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