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Find out effective and economical ways you could heat your house!

Staying warm during wintertime can be a hassle. Heating your house is an essential consideration, usually during winter and in geographical areas where the atmospheric temperature dips into freezing. During this period, heating bills and expenses scale through the roof and can even become the most expensive home bill waiting for you. This increases the need for energy-efficient ways to keep a house warm. 

Do you want to save up on heating bills? Are you looking for cheaper ways to heat your house? Well, there are other ways to stay warm rather than wearing a bunch of gloves, layers of sweaters, and thick pants, or even having to turn down your thermostat. So, here are some very economical ways to heat a house. Although they might cost some upfront bills, you need to consider the advantage and cost-effectiveness in the long run. So, let’s jump into it! 

Heat pumps 

Generally, heat pumps used are of two main types; air source and geothermal heat pumps. Heat pumps operate by pulling in heat from the outdoor air from the ground and bringing warmth into your home. 

Air source heat pumps capture outdoor heat and then release this heat into the surrounding air where they are installed. They operate with the same heat-exchange systems as the refrigerator by separating cool and warm air, transferring the cool air outside, and releasing the warm air into the room. 

Geothermal heat pumps have a similar working mechanism, but in this case, it makes use of the soil or a body of water as its source of heat collection and release. Series of loops (pipes) will be buried in the ground to pick up the heat. Geothermal heat pumps are probably the most economical and efficient ways to heat your house, and they are cheaper to operate the air source heat pumps. 


The second economical option for heating your home is using a furnace. They are one of the most common methods used in homes today. There are newer models of heating furnaces that are more efficient than older furnaces. 

Different types of furnaces are available for use; gas, oil, and electricity.  Gas furnaces make use of natural gases as a source of heat. It will surely cost less than an air source heat pump. Oil furnaces make use of oil as a source of heat. They burn this oil to produce heat. Then, electricity furnaces that are more expensive to run and use power heating coils to produce heat. 


Boilers are the least common heating systems used in houses compared to heat pumps and furnaces. However, boilers are efficient and will still produce enough heat to keep your home warm. They operate by making hot water which is circulated via pipes into your home.

When using a boiler, it would be best to check the system’s Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), an indicator of its efficiency. It would help if you also bought from a good distributor. Culm Stores Distribution Ltd https://culmstoreseltermltd.co.uk/ is a very reliable and leading distributor of efficient pumps and boilers. 

Even though you’ve bought the most economical heating system for your home, you still need to ensure that you maximize the most heat. Some tips for maintaining heat in a house are;

  • Sealing all open holes, gaps, and cracks to prevent the escape of warm air.
  • Fix all leaks in ducts.
  • Make use of a programmable thermostat. 

If you would like a more detailed guide on using a boiler efficiently then check out this gem we found by Easy Boiler Company in the UK entitled “the most economical ways to use central heating“.

Stay warm! 

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