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The year might be ending, but there is no ending to the continued growth of interior design trends. Throughout the years, we have seen some trends come and go and as a new year slowly approaches, so does a new line of interior design styles that will be trending for the new decade.

A forecast for 2021 sees the interior embracing holistic and relaxing elements which is what most people would like to experience when returning home from a long day’s work. Here are a few predictions on what will be the Interior Design trends for the year 2021.


A modern staple that will never go out of style, 2021 sees the abundance of neutral colors in every interior style. Designers and homeowners favor this palette because of its clean and light aesthetic. Another reason why most designers will opt for a neutral palette is because it gives them the opportunity to play around with textures and patterns. Grays, Whites, Beiges, the occasional Black and Taupes are the most heavily used colors in this palette.


Just as neutrals will never go out of style, the same can be said for earth tones. Many styles, particularly modern and contemporary, use earthy palettes to evoke that sense of warmth and comfort. Nowadays, the earthy shades are making a stunning statement with its use of rusts, browns, the occasional warm greens and reds and of course, the popular terracotta shades. This is often seen in rustic and modern industrial interiors which makes visitors feel welcome and owners feel at ease and warm.


Since the forecast for this year is all about relaxation and refinement, it is more exemplified in the use of blues and anything reminiscent of the sea and bodies of water. A very popular shade of blue that is making waves is the Navy. Often associated with simplicity and calming sophistication, it is employed in the interior design, ranging from navy blue accent walls to navy blue velvet chairs. Apart from navy blue tones, there will also be an abundance of coastal and oceanic theme interiors with blues and whites, representing the waves and the tranquility of the sea and furniture pieces made entirely out of white wood and wicker.


In line with the theme of relaxation, there is also another nod to a classic which is the tropics. In particular, the island tropics ambiance. 2021 will see many interiors utilizing subtle island prints and elements such as greens, a calm and open living space and more importantly, pieces associated with the tropical islands such as Hawaii, Fiji, the Maldives and Barbados. Additional elements include flowers, fruit motifs and even carved wooden accents.


2021 will also see the rebirth of eclectic interiors inspired by various cultures around the world. As people continue to travel and explore different cultures, it’s no surprise that they will take inspiration from that culture. Interiors showcasing elements from a specific culture not only shows the homeowner’s appreciation for a specific culture, but also the playful melding of two different styles into a culturally grounded aesthetic. One would see colors and textures that represent their respective countries such as Moroccan tiles, African prints, Asian materials and so much more.


A home would not be complete without the presence of natural elements. 2020 saw the slow, but steady come back of indoor plants and gardens. So it won’t be long before pieces and accessories made from natural resources will be used in every aspect of the interior. Natural design has long been considered a key player in many styles and will continue to do so as time goes on. Elements like stone, wood, fabric made from cotton and plant fibers, shells, sands, and earth will not only bring in a fresh take on natural design; in some ways it can also create a beautiful contrast to the severity of modern designs and will help the local market prosper.  


Sustainable design has never been more popular than now. With technology constantly growing and evolving, so too is the interest in creating pieces out of what is often deemed dispensable. This trend will see the public’s interest in using furniture pieces made up of recycled materials such as crates and old palette boxes; employing elements of green design in the architecture and accessories made from local natural resources.


The practice of bringing plants back into the interior is slowly making its comeback! With people embracing a more relaxed and natural lifestyle, potted plants and indoor wall gardens will be seen in many interiors, particularly Coastal and Scandinavian interiors. Pocket herb gardens will also be a trending staple in many kitchens, as it will provide cooking enthusiasts natural herbs and spices for their meals. Wicker stands and baskets for these plants will also be trending as houseplant accessories.


Another trend that is slowly making a name for itself is the Japandi Style. It derives its namesake from the combination of Japanese and Scandinavian style. While these are two very different styles, they do have one thing in common; they are functionally similar, with emphasis on the design being simple and functional. Distinctive characteristics of the Japandi style include the use of natural materials such as wicker, rattan, linen and light woods; natural lighting and open space planning.


As stated earlier, almost everybody has a rather hectic daily routine and would want nothing more than to come home and relax. It is important to take care of one’s mental health and the way to do that is by employing several holistic and self-care methods. Most homeowners take the next step further and will actually allocate a space in their home dedicated entirely to it. 2021 will see homes having mini gyms, art studios, meditation rooms or even indoor gardens. Coupled with a few calming elements such as light wood finishes, plants and delicately designed soft furnishings and you have the perfect combination for a relaxing and healing space.

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