What is the best dust allergy air purifier?

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It has been reported that due to an increase in pollution over the last decade, 10-30% of the world population now suffers from serious allergies, breathing and other respiratory problems.
Doctors say that these problems can be remedied over time by using the proper medications, but these typically only help alleviate the symptoms you feel. What if you could eradicate the actual cause of these from the surrounding environment?

Since we all know that the major cause of such health problems is pollution in the air around us, many of us are now looking for the best air purifier for dealing with dust. However selecting the best one is not as simple as you might think, as there are many things to consider you can even check Dehumidifier Critic. There are literally 100s of different air purifiers on the market today, all with unique features that supposedly have a greater ability to clean the air than their competitors.

So to help understand this, we contacted a professional review service (https://www.freshairguide.com) to help us understand what makes a really good air purifier for dust removal. The following is a compiled list they gave us of the key features you should look for;

HEPA Filter: The very first requirement in every dust allergy Air purifier is the presence of a HEPA filter. It is a highly efficient particulate arrestance filter that is by far the most trusted for HEPA Filter: The very first requirement in every dust allergy Air purifier is the presence of a HEPA filter. It is a highly efficient particulate arrestance filter that is by far the most trusted for removing all kinds of allergens no matter what their size. HEPA air purifier filters are the most effective in removing dust mites, mould, pollen, pet allergens, and other allergens.


Charcoal Filter: As part of a multi level air filtration technique (i.e. include multiple kinds of filters to remove all kinds of impurity from air) a charcoal filter must also be a part of these filtration levels as it is proven to remove all kinds of odors and chemical components from the air. Charcoal filters are proven to provide their best results if working together alongside a HEPA Filter.

UV Light technique: Another recent innovation in this field utilizes UV light as a way to zap minuscule toxins from the air. They are especially good at eliminating bacteria and germs.

Speed variance: The air filter should have capabilities for manual as well as an auto adjustment of the filter’s speed. The basic variance levels should be as low, medium and high.

Noise-free: Ensure the Air purifier is as quiet as possible, so that it does not cause any disturbance.
So these are the basic features that the best air purifier must possess.

As a side note, whilst researching this article I have come to find that one air purifier most certainly sticks out as perhaps the best at tackling this problem. If I were in the market to buy one, I would be looking at the Rabbit Air MINUSA2. Rabbit has been one of the most trusted brands since 2004 and the Air minusa2 has been ranked as one of the best air purifiers on several occasions since it’s release.

This machine has been proven to possess all the above listed features that are must for this kind of work and so therefore I can guarantee it is capable of efficiently keeping the air clean.
It is noise free & has a very slim design with a customizable front panel that looks sleek and modern. On top of this, it comes with smart options that will allows it to auto adjust the light of this front panel and all of this can be operated remotely through wifi.

The MinusA2 posesses an Ultra Quiet mode comprised of four levels of filtration that can be customized as per the requirements of its user.
Filtration levels of Rabbit Air MinusA2 air purifier:

Germ Defense Filter: This filter level allows the user to adjust the protection level against all kinds of bacteria, viruses, airborne bacteria, mold spores, etc.

Pet Allergy Filter: If ever the user finds themselves surrounded by pets then this filter mode can be enabled and set to high for effectively removing the dander and allergens related to the pets.

Toxin Absorber Filter: This filter level can be customized to reduce all the toxic compounds in the vacinity.

Odor Remover Filter: Is efficient in removing all kinds of odor and can be customized according to the users needs.

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