• What is Included in Window Siding Repair

    Window siding repair will entail fixing or replacing all parts of the window that are connected to the exterior wall. Depending on how extensive your damage is, your project might cost more than window replacement.

    There are many costs associated with window installation, including costs for material, labor, and permits if they are required in your area. Be sure you contact at least three companies before choosing one so that you can get an accurate estimate of what your total expenses will be.

    • Material – The price of wood varies depending on where it is manufactured and who the manufacturer is. However, expect to pay about $1 per square foot for pine or fir plywood with a veneer facing and between $3-5 per square foot for solid hardwood plywood. Other types of siding include aluminum, vinyl, and fiber cement
    • Labor – The cost of installing exterior siding varies greatly depending on the type you choose and the difficulty involved in putting it up. If you go with vinyl or another synthetic material, expect to pay about $1-3 per square foot for installation.

    If you choose wood, your project will cost between $3-5 per square foot for installation plus an additional $1-4 per linear foot for trim boards that are required around windows and doors.

    Fiber cement materials are more expensive than either vinyl or wood because they require special tools to cut them to size since they are so hard. Prices range from $4-8 per board foot for this type of material.

    • Permit – If you are required to have a permit for your window siding repair, expect to pay an additional $50-75 dollars. This fee is most often charged in larger cities where there are large construction costs associated with the city itself.

    These fees are usually not charged by smaller townships or counties though, so if this is the case for your project, be sure to factor it into your total cost estimate before beginning work on your home.

    This leads you to think that window siding installation, repair, and maintenance are probably expensive. Just how much does window installation cost? Don’ just assume that it is expensive but check the pricing first.

    The price of window replacement varies depending on the type of material that you choose and how extensive or complicated your damage is. Also, consider whether your current windows are efficient at keeping out drafts and providing insulation.

    The less energy-efficient they are, the more money will be added to your final bill if you decide to replace them instead of repair them.

    Expect to pay about $300-500 for vinyl replacement windows, $400-750 per double-hung wood window with plywood sashes, and $600-1,200 per window for wood windows with vinyl or aluminum sashes that come together in a grid style.

    What Happens During a Window Siding Repair Job

    The process of replacing your windows will entail removing all parts of the window that are connected to the exterior wall and installing new ones.

    This includes not only the glass and frame but also specialty items like decorative grids (if applicable) and hardware like locksets and hinges. While reliable installation requires some carpentry skills, there is no need for you to do any stucco work before you begin this project—the installer will take care of it as part of their job.

    The materials used for your window replacement project will vary greatly on what they are made out of. Wood windows are either made of plywood or laminate panels over an MDF frame. Vinyl replacements have rigid profiles that are either extruded or cast, while fiberglass materials are usually heat molded to fit their window openings perfectly.

    But how will you know how to install a replacement window for your sidings? This is something that your hired contractor will have to do for you.

    Fiber cement is one of the most expensive siding options because it requires special tools to cut it down to size due to its extreme hardness. Installation costs vary according to the material as well but are usually between $3-8 per square foot for vinyl, aluminum, and fiber cement siding, and between $4-10 per square foot for wood window installation depending on whether you go with a single hung style or double-hung style configuration.

    Expect labor costs associated with window replacement projects to be at least 40-60% of the final price you pay. This is because this job requires a great deal of work from the installer to make sure your new windows fit perfectly and are installed safely to prevent water damage or other problems in the future.

    How Vital Is a Window Siding Repair?

    Window siding is the exterior wall covering of a property that includes all the windows. You don’t necessarily need to know how to measure window for replacement. By simply hiring the right contractors, all you need to do is to wait for their assessment.

    Many things can go wrong with window siding, which will result in either water seeping through cracks in the protective barrier or complete failure of it. Window siding installation, replacement, and repair are necessary whenever your window protection has been compromised.

    What Problems Necessitate Window Siding Repairs?

    • Cracks or gaps allowing water to seep into different parts of your home
    • Bowed frames allowing water to leak through joints at corners and joints where the window meets masonry work
    • Loose window masonry screws due to age or repeated movement from thermal changes

    What may seem like simple needle and thread type fixes for small leaks can turn into huge and costly repairs.

    If you see your window siding is letting water in or has lost its rigidity, it is time to call a contractor to come out and give a free estimate for the cost of window siding repair. 

    They can also provide information on new ways to keep your windows leak-proof while adding aesthetic appeal to your home’s exterior.

    What Parts of My Home Would Require Professional Window Installation?

    Some homeowners can do most projects themselves but there are times when window installation is the job for a professional.

    If you are not already experienced in window installation, it is best to hire someone who specializes in replacement windows.  This takes away the risk of having an amateur attempt a task that requires skill and training as well as heavy lifting and working at heights.

    Professional siding installers will have all the tools needed to complete your project from start to finish including:

    • Saws capable of cutting through various materials such as wood, metal, or vinyl
    • Nails, screws, and other fixatives designed to work with different window frames types
    • Lasers used for precise alignment of window installations

    What Questions Should I Ask Before Hiring a Contractor?     

    Before going out shopping for a contractor to do window installation or repair, make a list of questions you would like them to answer.  Asking the right questions will help you from making a costly mistake by hiring someone who is not able to get the job done properly and efficiently. Example:

    • What experience do you have with window siding?
    • What type of tools or equipment do you use for installation or repair?
    • What materials do you work with?

    Make sure that your contractor has the necessary skillset and experience needed to get your windows ready for future renovations and repairs while keeping in mind your specific needs.  

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