What Is a bulthaup Kitchen?

Bulthaup kitchens are some of the most expertly crafted kitchens possible and they feature artisanal design elements, special surfaces, the most advanced appliances and special worktops for even the most particular tastes.

The most reputable kitchen design firms will be able to guide you through the kitchen planning process so you can stay within your budget while still incorporating everything you wish to in your kitchen. Continue reading to learn more about bulthaup kitchens and what goes into determining the cost of these luxurious designs.

bulthaup 1

The bulthaup 1 is the simplest design of the three and it incorporates subtle design elements. It is available in white, gravel, and clay tones with handleless drawers and natural birchwood interiors.

bulthaup 2

The bulthaup 2 kitchen system is inspired by a carpenters’ workshop and it focuses on free standing tool cabinets and workbenches that offer all the functionality you need.

bulthaup 3

The bulthaup 3 is engineered for the most demanding tastes with hand-finished furniture with a bevy of options tailored to any style of homeowner.

Multi-Function Wall

The multi-function walls of bulthaup kitchens create more storage space, and support functions such as the water point, connecting furniture with the rest of the room. The spatial connection shines through when the wall supports hanging elements. This can result in the appearance of a floating kitchen.

Island Wall

bulthaup islands allow people to move freely within the kitchen and designate the kitchen as the center for entertainment and shared cooking experiences. These islands feature floor-standing and foot-supported versions available to suit various aesthetic tastes and personal preferences.


bulthaup uses only the most exclusive materials available. Whether century-old bog oak, dyed laminate, or surfaces with multiple layers of lacquer, every texture and finish is expertly designed with specific craftsmanship. No matter what bulthaup kitchen design you choose, you enjoy the finest materials.

Forms and Functions

Bulthaup kitchens facilitate your comfort through the seamless application of form and function. Storage preparation and cooking becomes simple and convenient when you use bulthaup as it creates the ultimate balance between form and function.


Bulthaup kitchens include state-of-the-art equipment made for the avid chef. Cooking utensils and high-quality ingredients are close by. You have the freedom to arrange these tools in the way you want in a way that makes the best sense for you.

What Comprises the Cost of a bulthaup Kitchen?

If you’re thinking of purchasing a luxury bulthaup kitchen, you will need to consider all your expenses. Budgeting with bulthaup is a necessity as expenses can quickly get out of hand, requiring you to prioritize your kitchen needs.

Furniture: Try to budget for cabinets, cupboards, drawers, tail units, and larders.

Worktops: Laminate, composite stone, Corian, and stainless steel.

Appliances: Choose from brands such as Siemens, Miele, Gaggenau, BORA, Quooker, and Sub-Zero Wolf.

Taking these elements into account, bulthaup kitchens can cost anywhere between $60-100,0000. Individual style choices will play a distinct role in determining the overall cost of your kitchen.

How Do Kitchen Costs Break Down?

To break down bulthaup costs, you should examine the effect the main elements have on the overall cost. As previously discussed, that means looking at your furniture, worktops, and appliances. Another element you need to consider when planning your kitchen is the installation costs.

As a rough estimate, you should try to have your furniture account for around %50 of the overall cost, appliances for around 30%, and installation and worktops for around %20.

What Other Things Affect the Cost of Your bulthaup Kitchen?

There are a few other factors to consider when determining your budget for your bulthaup kitchen. To start, the size of the room you plan on installing your kitchen can dramatically impact the overall cost of your bulthaup kitchen.

The larger the room, the more cabinetry, storage, and shelving you will need to fill it out. The increase in the furnishing will undoubtedly lead to an increase in costs. However, most bulthaup designers don’t simply want to fill a space with furniture, so the size of your plot does not automatically mean a bulthaup kitchen will be out of the question for your budget.

The size of the space doesn’t necessarily correspond to the increase in costs for applications, either. For example, if you double the size of your kitchen space, you won’t necessarily need to double the budget for appliances. The size of your kitchen, therefore, will likely have less of an impact on your overall project cost than you think.

Choice of Surface Finish

The surface finish you select for your bulthaup kitchen has a significant effect on the overall price of your bulthaup kitchen. The front finishes aren’t the only aspect that affects your kitchen cost. Your plinths, side panels, handles, and grip rails can all impact the price of your kitchen.

bulthaup categorizes their surface finishes into price groups. These groups are arranged sequentially, with price group 1 being the most affordable up until price group 7, the most expensive of the price groups. As the price groups increase, the materials used change, using a laminate or acrylic in the first groups and incorporating lacquer or veneer in the higher groups.

The price difference also corresponds with production methods such as hand-finishing, raw material costs, and production complexity. For example, bulthaup’s high-gloss lacquers are more expensive than matt lacquers because the fabrication of these requires a more involved manufacturing process.


Some appliance brands are significantly more expensive than others. Top-end appliances offer superior build quality and performance compared to lower price point machines. The right designer will spend a substantial amount of time to determine clitents’ precise needs for appliances and it is common for them to over-specify their needed functionality. These designers will be able to provide guidance on the correct specifications for your applications so you aren’t wasting energy or money.

When it comes to appliances, keep it simple. A lot of the bells and whistles on new gadgetry will phase out in a few years, anyway. You want your kitchen appliances to be durable, not flashy. That way, you can put your money in the artisanal craftsmanship of bulthaup.