9 Reasons to Install Felt Panels in Your Home

Felt soundproof wall panels offer homeowners a range of decorative and practical benefits and can help to reduce noise from neighbors, spruce up the decor, and add color to any space. While these products are generally most popular amongst homeowners seeking to build an acoustic sound booth, they offer anyone a unique opportunity to customize their space. With felt acoustic tiles, you can transform the decor and ambiance of any room in your home or office. In terms of their functionality, they can also help you stay organized and efficient if you’re working from home.

Installing felt panels in your home is a straightforward process. After you’ve selected or created a design online, you’ll receive your panels in the mail alongside a set of peel-and-stick adhesives. Add a felt panel design to your wall usually takes less than 30 minutes. If you want to take down or rearrange your design, you won’t have to worry about damage to the wall’s paint. Here are a few of the reasons why felt tiles might be a good fit for your home or office.

Reduce Noise From Neighbors and a Nearby Street

Felt panels offer a unique sound-dampening solution for homeowners and businesses alike. If you’re hearing too much noise from the unit next door or live on a busy street, felt panels might be the solution you need for improving the acoustics for your home. These panels don’t have to cover the entire wall space to be effective. Instead, a few tiles along the back of one wall can make a considerable difference. Luckily, these tiles add color and decorative appeal to your home, in addition to providing a practical acoustic benefit.

Add a Background to Your Work From Home Setup

With the continuing effects of the pandemic, more Americans are working from home than ever before. To keep up with the other people in your office, host or join meetings, or simply connect with your co-workers, you’re probably spending a considerable amount of time on platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Facetime. If you’re looking for a professional background for video calls, felt tiles might be the perfect solution for your wall. Installing felt panels in your home office space can also make this space more relaxing by altering the room’s acoustics.

Assemble a Vision or Design Board

Vision boards can help you set and achieve your goals with a unique creative process. These enjoyable arts and crafts projects can help you identify these objectives and look for new ways to make them become a reality. Vision boards can also improve your creativity overall and often enhance your productivity by providing genuine inspiration. The entire process is essentially the visual edition of writing down your goals, making you more determined to achieve them. Felt panels are the perfect backdrop for these projects, allowing you to pin and remove items as you see fit.

Provide Kids With a Creative Outlet

Felt panels are available in various shapes and colors, which means they’re a fantastic choice for decorating children’s bedrooms. When you’re picking out felt tiles for your home, you can always make the process of choosing a pattern or arrangement for the room a fun and creative activity. Once you’ve installed these tiles, there are plenty of ways that make them easy for your child to customize and transform.

Bring More Color to Your Space

The seamless edges and customizable colors of felt tiles make them a fantastic choice for decorating almost every room in your house. By adding blue, grey, black, or white, you can make your space more relaxing, with a more modern design appeal. On the other hand, colors such as red and yellow go a long way towards making your space brighter and more welcoming. Instead of spending a considerable amount of time and money on repainting your walls, you can simply install felt panels instead.

Install a Pinboard to Improve Productivity

Installing felt tiles for your workspace offers many of the same benefits as corkboard. You can easily pin papers and notes to your wall to ensure that you don’t forget a thing. You can also turn this board into a calendar, divided by the various colors and patterns that felt tiles offer. You can easily choose the size and shape that best suits your wall and then add them to your wall by following an easy installation process. In the event that you want to change the color or the configuration of your pinboard arrangement, you can easily uninstall the panels without damaging your wall or removing any paint.

Spruce Up Your Decor

Felt panels make adding wall art to your home easy and inexpensive. Most retailers that offer felt panels have plenty of design options if you don’t want to design a new arrangement from scratch. Depending on the arrangement you choose, you can set up a new focal point for your room that draws that eye will surely impress your friends and family that come to visit.

Improve Recording Acoustics

If you’re designing a recording booth for your space, you may want to consider installing felt wall panels. Felt offers many of the same benefits as acoustic foam, but it comes with a significantly lower price tag and a wider range of colors and designs. Acoustic foam can also make your space too warm, which usually makes recording music or podcasts difficult. If you’re interested in creating these recordings, you may also want to check out this guide to create a recording booth for your home. 

Make Your Space More Relaxing

Felt panels ultimately improve both the aesthetics and the acoustics of your space, which can make your entire home more relaxing. Whether you’re installing felt in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, you’ll find that these wall installations offer a range of practical benefits that might surprise you.