8 Essential Elements of Greenhouse Installation Projects

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Constructing a residential or commercial greenhouse is an intensive process requiring careful attention to detail and considerable monetary investment. Greenhouse managers need to choose high-quality, sustainable construction materials for extended success. A professional cannabis greenhouse construction company can assist you with this planning and development process, so you’ll be able to maximize the value of your cannabis cultivation license.

When it comes to designing a greenhouse that fits your growing needs, you’ll need first to consider how your location and local climate will affect the growth process. Greenhouses are significantly more critical for growers residing in colder climates, as the structures are essential for extending the harvest season. The overall layout and primary features should be customized based on the grower and their plans. The best cannabis greenhouses use the best materials available to create the ideal environment at the lowest possible expense. Because most cannabis greenhouses are built with only a single plant in mind, there’s plenty of ways to optimize this environment.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the key features of the ideal cannabis greenhouse that are worth considering when you’re making plans for utilizing your cannabis cultivation license. In almost all cases, the cheaper option is rarely the best for developing long-term success with this crop. You’ll want to consider each of the following greenhouse features as a necessary investment during the construction process. Each of these features applies to both commercial and residential spaces.

Humidity Control and Ventilation

Even if you’re not growing cannabis, your greenhouse should always allow you to fine-tune the humidity and temperature within its space. Higher humidity makes it easier for your plants to take in moisture naturally and continue to thrive in optimal conditions. Humidity controls should be easy to access and straightforward to manage, and if you’re building a greenhouse for commercial uses, you’ll want to make sure that everyone in your company can easily learn and access these controls.

While your cannabis plants are in a vegetative state, you’ll need to keep the humidity within the greenhouse relatively high. While the plant is in a flowering state, you’ll want to bring the humidity levels within the greenhouse back down again. For larger spaces, you’ll also need to consider zone mapping so that each area within the greenhouse has a dedicated level of humidity and ventilation.

Adjustable Lighting Levels

Cannabis plants require higher levels of natural light than the majority of plants, which means it’s almost always necessary to install supplemental lighting for your greenhouse or grow rooms. The advantage to growing cannabis in a greenhouse is that you don’t always need to have these supplemental lights powered on, which means you can save a considerable amount in energy costs.

Lighting for your greenhouse should be fully adjustable for each zone of the interior, and the overhead fixtures for grow room lighting should never block out any normal incoming light. The supplemental lighting levels necessary for growing cannabis vary greatly depending on your location. Remember that light deprivation is also essential to successfully growing cannabis, primarily when the plant is in the flowering stages. 

CO2 Generators

CO2 generation is an essential process for increasing the yield of your cannabis plants. When you’re designing your cannabis greenhouse, you’ll need to make sure you have plenty of room for these items throughout the space. Many growers and greenhouse operators use liquid Co2 for plant cultivation.

Irrigation and Water Management

Drip irrigation, drain collection and recirculation, and ebb and flow systems all support optimal water management within cannabis greenhouses. With the right irrigation system, you’ll be able to fit considerably more plants into one area, without having to worry about each plant receiving and retaining adequate nutrients. When you’re building your greenhouse, you’ll need to consider the resources and space considerations necessary for building an irrigation and moisture control system that will best support your growing requirements.

Active Temperature Controls

Managing the temperature within your cannabis greenhouse is a tricky process without the aid of automatically adjusting temperature systems. Cannabis plants thrive in warmer conditions, but as soon as you start pumping in heat, you’ll likely reduce the humidity in the greenhouse down from optimal levels. The right temperature controls will link these two growing systems together and maintain the optimal temperature and humidity, so you don’t have to worry about actively managing the greenhouse environment.

Room for Expansion

When you’re considering plans for a cannabis greenhouse, it’s easier to think about your space requirements for the present rather than for the future. However, the right building materials make it easy to expand your existing greenhouse in the event that you need more space for growing your plants and your business. Consider where and how the area can expand before building to ensure that this expansion process is easy in the future.

The Right Design for Your Location

Building a cannabis greenhouse requires a close understanding of the climate and average temperatures in your state. Building a greenhouse in Maine, for example, follows different practices than it might in Arizona. Whereas heat management and natural light can be a challenge in the first location, they rarely are issues in the second. In Arizona, for example, maintaining humidity within the greenhouse can be tricky. Choose the construction materials that make it as easy as possible to maintain an optimal environment for cannabis growth in both its vegetative and flowering states.

Professional Installation Services

Many companies specialize in the construction of cannabis greenhouses and are ready to support you in the initial stages of your cultivation journey. A professional greenhouse installation business can help you choose the suitable construction materials for the job, integrate heating, humidity, and ventilation systems that are optimal for your plants, and build in features that help you tackle the challenges of your localized climate. The best cannabis greenhouses make it easy to maintain an optimal environment, so you’ll be able to turn a profit quickly.