What can you do with a Tabletop Band Saw?

Both experienced and novice carpenters are always on the lookout for new carpentry tools.

If you have taken up woodwork during the ongoing pandemic, you might be thinking about spending your hard-earned money on a brand new tabletop band saw. However, if you are new to the tool, you might want to know more information about this type of bandsaw, and whether or not you will use it on a regular basis.

Almost all carpenters own at least one bandsaw, and they tend to use it frequently. Once you get the hang of it, you might wonder how you ever carried out woodwork projects without it. There are several different types of band saws readily available, including the tabletop bandsaw.

What is it used for?

The benchtop bandsaw is a popular power tool used by lots of carpenters to make curved cuts. It has a spindle that is attached to the base of the tool. The spindle moves at an extremely fast pace, so you will want to be extra careful operating it.

Because the blade in a bandsaw moves forwards and backward, you should have no problems making accurate cuts.

If you are in the market for a device that cuts irregular pieces of wood, a benchtop bandsaw might be right up your alley. There are several traditional woodwork stores that stock a wide range of bandsaws, but these popular saws are also available online. For more information about top-notch bandsaws, click here.

What other things is the Tool Used for?

Here is a list of reasons why tabletop band saws are so popular amongst home and professional carpenters:

  • Cutting curves: Cutting curves and circles with a quality band saw won’t be easy
  • Re-sawing: For re-sawing materials, you can rely on your bandsaw
  • Metal cutting: Although most people use their bandsaw to cut wood, you can use it to cut other materials too, like thin sheets of metal.
  • Meat cutting: Have you ever noticed a tabletop band saw in your local butchers. It’s a great device for cooking through all types of meat.

What can you make with a Table Top Bandsaw?

If your countertop bandsaw has just arrived in your workshop, you might be looking for woodwork projects that you can make with the power tool. Here are some straightforward woodwork projects that might interest you:

  1. Jewelry box: People who love investing in jewelry can never have enough boxes to store these expensive fashion accessories. It is an easy project to take on, so it might suit those who are trying to get used to using the saw.
  1. Dining table: Instead of investing in a brand new dinner table, why not make one with your tabletop bandsaw instead. The cost of quality furniture can break the bank, so making one from scratch can help you save a small fortune. Although it might sound like a difficult project to carry out, it’s not as challenging as you might think. You can use the tools to make soft curves around the table and make it look and feel great. If you want to appear rustic, you might want to consider placing a burlap table runner on the table.
  1. Chair: There is no point in making a table if it doesn’t have chairs to go with it. Making a chair with a tabletop band saw is easier than you might think. However, before you get started, make sure that you have plenty of glue in your workshop. You might need some additional tools to give the points of the chair a finer finish.

There are lots of fun projects that you can take on with a bandsaw, so don’t be afraid to experiment with this helpful tool.


Because a tabletop band saw has a spindle that moves at extremely high speeds, you will want to be very careful when operating it.

Before using the tool, make sure that you are wearing the proper protective gear, such as gloves and protective goggles. Make sure that anybody else in your workshop is far enough away from the tool before switching it on. Make sure you and everybody else keeps their fingers away from the band saw’s cutline. To increase safety measures, you should consider using a push stick.

Investing in the correct blades is something you need to do before using the device. The width of the blade must be correct, so you should purchase thin blades if you are cutting curves. If you plan on making straight cuts with the countertop band saw, you should use thicker blades.

The versatile saw might prove to be a great addition to your workshop, but anyone using it should take safety measures seriously. If an accident occurs, you or others might require immediate medical attention.

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