10 Essential Tools for a Home Garage or Workshop

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Choosing the right tools to put in your home garage or workshop can be kind of troubling, but not after you’ve read this right till the end. The choices we’ve made for you are both useful and common, so you can have maximum versatility with minimum effort and tools. Here is our list of ten essentials for the shed.


  1. Power Drill

A power drill basically serves all your purposes without having you to reach out to too many tools. It is a reliable item to have at home with excellent solutions to speed up your work. It will take seconds to hammer those screws home and lesser time to drill that hole.

2.Utility Knife

Knives come in handy for a number of reasons (we’re just talking about the workshop, nothing beyond) and utility knives with retractable blades fit the purpose very well. All one must do if the blade goes blunt is replace it.

  1. Screwdriver

The screwdriver is something you are expected to have in there. If you don’t have one, get it right away because it is a workman’s savior. However, even if you are in possession of a screwdriver, make sure it meets modern standards and get it updated as much as you can. Screwdrivers come in handy most of the time.

  1. Hammer

The hammer beats your nails home. Hammers come in several variations, and you need to choose the one that suits all your requirements. Many of them have two blunt sides, while others have a fork on the obverse to yank out nails stuck in the wood or in a wall.

  1. Safety Glasses

You’ll need one of these too. Safety glasses must be worn at all times by everybody in the workshop, whether working or not. That way, you could keep your precious eyes secure from a possible flying splinter of wood or a flash of strong light from a cutter. Either way, this is an area you need to keep safe.

  1. Pliers

Pliers come in handy for a number of reasons. From woodwork to maintaining your car, you will need this tool to help yourself at critical points of time. We guess you have one of these already. If you don’t, just look up some of these tools offered on Straight Kerfs.

  1. Tape Measure

Tape measures are nice and portable things. They won’t take up too much space in the workshop, but allow you to measure anything you want accurately. They are versatile and can be used on a surface you like, so it is a good idea to get one. If you have a regular long string of measure, we recommend you upgrade to the more sophisticated, modern version.

  1. Gloves

Gloves are not just meant to help you work on cold days. They serve a variety of purposes – we’re talking about the utility gloves here. From keeping your fingers safe from the sharp knives and saws to protecting the skin around your hands from little flashes of fire from an electric cutter, the next time you’re at the store, get some gloves.

  1. Socket Wrench Set

Socket wrench sets ease your work a lot. They can take off the nuts and bolts very quickly and with minimum effort. When you want to finish work and catch some television, this is exactly what you need to speed up the exercise. These are easily available and can be used for quite long periods of time.

  1. Stud Finder

Further speeding up your work, the stud finder located metal needles and nuts in the wall. It is particularly useful for people renovating their homes, but even if you’re not, there is no harm in keeping this one stowed away for sudden use.


The workshop is an important place. Here, you can accomplish small domestic tasks without having to ask for the services of a professional, thus saving time and cost. Keeping your workshop updated with the most useful items should be a personal responsibility that you must fulfill from time to time. Have the very best in the shed, and the most promising results shall come out of it.

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