What Brampton Windows Replacement Units Are Used In Victorian Style Homes

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Do you know why Victorian homes are so unique? Well, this house boasts of life with everything a home should have. Built in the 1830s, these homes are extravagant as the chaps who used to own them. However, this extravagance does not come easy. For instance, getting the right window replacement units for these houses is a real hassle.

Today, though the architectural designs of these homes remain, they have been constantly modified to fit contemporary society. Nowadays, these homes are a product of an electric combination of a myriad of architectural period influences. Perhaps this is the main reason we still endow them and would like to own them. But would you manage their replacements when needed? Well, Brampton windows replacement for Victorian-style homes is easier than before nowadays. Let us dive in and study some Victorian-style home distinctions that have survived the test of time until today.

  1. The Royal Treatment

This architectural design came to be during the reign of England’s Queen Victorian (1837-1901). During this time, the British Empire ruled most parts of the world, and these homes were found in Britain, New Zealand, North America, Australia, and India.

Most of these homes were constructed using stones and bricks but the change in construction materials was witnessed in Eastern states where wood was quite abundant especially in San Francisco.


Found almost everywhere nowadays, we can understand why Victorian homes can be constructed with different materials and feature different elements. These homes usually are constructed to two or sometimes three stories making them iconic in the neighborhood.

Both brick or wood construction of these homes is intensely detailed with vintage millwork and variety of siding treatments. Victorian pitched roofs normally encompass front-facing gambles paired with superbly trimmed Brampton windows. Other unique features of these homes are double-hung Brampton windows replacement units and pointed roofs. Whether pointed or octagonal turrets, these features are normally fitted with double hung windows for a standout look.

Things get even crazier in the interior. The heavy detail work goes on with flush foyer stairways, elevated ceilings, and multi-layered moldings in the dining rooms and parlors. In the entire space, you will come across vaccinating cabinetry and nooks with immense details that tempt you to keep staring at them. Other interesting features you are likely to see are pocket doors, bay and bow windows, butler’s pantries and decorated window seats. All these exterior and interior features come together to make the Victorian homes royal; just like the people who own and live in these homes.

  1. The Gracious Welcome

A gigantic wrap-around porch paired with posts and stunning railings is in most cases linked to Victorian design. High ceilings, wood board floors, and decorative porch swings make you want to sit for a while before leaving. Exterior doors are normally trimmed with multi-paned Brampton replacement windows or tinted glass and give way to large and inviting foyers.

  1. The Fairytale Whimsy

Victorian houses, in most instances, have been explained as fancy dollhouses or some kind of multi-tiered wedding cake. And this description seems quite true for this Victorian home distinction. With great attention to detail and romance, this home distinction is cozy and opulent as well. Wherever your eyes take you on this home, you will always meet something worth exploring. From the amazing carved fireplaces to lavish chandeliers and impressive fireplaces in the main room, you can never have enough with this home.

And things do not end there. The asymmetrical designs usually comprise a variety of Brampton window styles and sizes. Awning windows fitted right above double-hung, crosshatched window units, and transom windows fitted right on the exterior door take the design even further, adding more details. Siding is often a traditional plank, scalloped, or classy brick or sometimes a combination of all these.

Take time to think about spending time in the light filled room in a second or third floor story, surrounded by all styles of windows you can think about! The Victorian homes have conquered the test of time to inspire creativity and imagination to the present generation and generations to come.


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